W5 Account?



I was wandering if anyone had a world 5 account available or anyone wanted to co-play with me. I used to play on this world and i just have an urge to play it again :p

The smallest size im looking for is 250k but it doesnt really matter

If anyones interested please drop me a message on skype : peckish 123



Hey Everyone

Just thought id would ask if there is any ionactive accounts floating about that need a new player

I currently in w19 not with his name another used to play with wills200 but deleted that account sometime back and took over another account in world 19 which then due to personal circumstances had to give that account up however now play a 22 nearly 23 mill account in w19 but with travel times and crap now a days getting bored however will still be playing just thought due to playing along side a few guys in w5 that were in w19 be good to play beside again and also keep me intrested lol

Im very active and work hard with my tribe so if anyone has got a spare inactive account would be appreciated if so PM on here or add me on skype wills200