W50 History


Pure and simple, What's your W50 story?

From start to present.

bobby turnip

1) go round to m8's to see he has tw open in a separate tab - w50. being the clutz i am i get sucked in after id managed to leave the game, and end up coplaying him.
2) owning rim noobs, my w32 contacts offer me & my m8 and acc in HUG - i.viper-clyde
3) a more frontline account goes ownerless, so we are asked to move to it. we went to liquidskies.
3a) sitting my gf's acc in B~C~S was fun - hermit struggled for too long to remove me from k69/79 when i was barely active.
4) play liquidskies for a long time with m8, but then we fell out and rather than cause a big hassle, i just left my m8 the acc.
5) moved accounts a bit but got very bored as none of them felt like my acc.
6) quit w50 for a few months.
7) find out alb needed a coplayer, and having had good relations with the 1984 bunch, i get re-suckered in. and coplayed alb for a bit
7a) coplayed alb as a secret for ages, but eventually told people. i cant remember why frankly.
8) left again for study purposes.
9) nutter quit, and dumped tria with the onewisesoul account. my half term fell around the same time, so i came on there and had fun, taking like 150 villages in a week. Only intended to play it through half term (which was like a month & a half ago) but i havent left it yet


1) Playing on a small account!
2)Get offered a 6 mil account.
3)Then moved to 20mayfair.
4) Co changed password for a bit (thought i was taking his money but forgot that he was still paying for premium on w53 lol)
5)Moved back onto the account.
6)Co moved to another account so i was soling 20mayfair.
7)Got owned by oda.
8)Then i was ask to co-play a new account.(my co is awesome) :)


A small group of my tribe mates from W38 (they had quit 38) decided to join W50... they asked me to join, so I came along for the trip. Made a small tribe, recruited a few players around... although it turns out most were noobs.
Eventually recruited one good account, SOG and Azz co-playing on it... and we made a NAP with DIY. SOG and Azz decided to quit and gift me their villages. While I was nobling them, they left ~DD~ and nobled a village off of a DIY player. I then nobled it. DIY got pissed off, and declared war. Our tribe was full of noobs except for the w38 core, and there was only me and one other player who were on the frontlines from our core, so our tribe was getting beaten.
Lajoo comes along and makes his suggestion; we take our better players and merge into Speechless. He said they would provide adequate support and offensive backing. We merge, but it ends up we get much of the same, selfish players playing for themselves. Over the months that the war continued, me and a couple other players were basically fighting DIY singlehandedly while having DIY players on all 4 sides, however I was the only one targeted other then the noobs.
It goes on and on, with neither side really gaining any advantage. (other then DIY nobling the noobs in Speechless)
War goes on, I get frustrated with the quality of players in Speechless... DIY duke asks me if I want to take over an account in DIY, and a few others would get invites. I couldn't keep my own account because of how many nukes/DV's of DIY I had killed, it was more or less the principle type of thing. So anyways, I accepted and we moved over, met a bunch of great players etc etc.
I go on vacation, come back to find that Faaaaark decided to merge Orphan into DIY, so most people left. I join the new tribe HUG, and we declare war on CBears. We do a cat OP on their duke Social Suicide about a week into the war. He quits to "join the army", and CBears falls apart.
After that there is 3 major tribes in the world, School in the NW, HUG in the SW, [END] (old Orphan) in the SE. All tribes are on clean up for a while, just rimming noobs.
School declares on [END], and Astronomy (duke of [END]/biggest internal/barb nobling player you will ever see) gets banned for using bots. [END] mass deletes in protest, and the war is over. School just cleans up the north, while HUG wars ~HELL~ in the south. School and HUG become allies with the idea of School controlling the north, and HUG the south, with a war between the two tribes to determine who will win the world.
~HELL~ falls apart, and Hermit becomes more noticed in the SE, due to the fact that they were left alone for a long period of time to noble barbs.
1984 declares on School, and School falls apart quickly. ODA is formed by the better players of School. They declare on LOKI, who was formed by a few upset players of HUG, and some other players.
Some members of HUG support LOKI, when it was decided we would not participate in the war. I grew bored with the hugging machine HUG had turned into, so left HUG and joined ODA, although the LOKI war was pretty much over by that point.
Then, ODA declared on HUG, but that didn't last too long. ODA went to clean up mode, declaring on tribes that recruited refugees etc. Soon after, I got bored and quit TW.

That's my story of world 50. I could have included more... but tried to keep it brief, if you can call it that.


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Started the world on shagohad in k76 got in AOD till they split up then went to enigma and when they split i jus jumped around.... Got to almost 300k till catouga (whose now an ally and good friend strangely enough) decided i looked delicious so he ate me... kept in contact with madhellena in ~Hell~ and right after shago went under i moved over to cirvis666. built it up until i had to deploy to Afghanistan... Passed my acct to my co chippy. To be honest i thought the acct would be gone when i got back. But chippy kept his word and in 7 months built it up to around 7-8 M. From then I waded back into the acct I didnt even know anymore. Got re familiarized and back into the game and here i am.


started in the middle of nowhere. Was is EVOLVE with Madehellena and others when a tribe by the name of Orphan decided I needed to be rimmed. We were so over matched I couldn't see the point in letting my mates get themselves dead trying to defend me so I quit that tribe and made a mad dash for the rim before they could send me there. Met up with a guy named Bolrog who was running Hermit at the time and got to be be real good friends with him. He invited me in - then as he got real tired of me telling him all the time how badly he was screwing everything up - he made me a Baron. He left and I found myself Duke. And the rest as they say is history. Its a fun game.


Well, I started in K94 on the rim. Followed Danielfisher1987 from tribe to tribe, mainly as protection. I grew slowly the entire time. Watched as Danielfisher1987 essentially destroyed then somewhat powerful MPL, which then saw the creation of *TDR* by mavfan and dillism. Followed a couple good friends over there, getting to about 800k points. Got tired of more noobs in *TDR* so I followed more good friends to HUG and began merging with fakebirdie. Once merge was complete, had 1.5 million points and owned majority of K94 by ourselves. Started going into K84 to meet up with Buzzlighty3ar to secure a northern border. Pretty much in cleanup mode of the south at this point. Studies became too much for us, so we had to quit. Left for about 4 or 5 months. I've returned now as a co-player of a decent account. Looking to make it great. This game is addicting...can't stay away. Old friends coming back as co-players of other accounts. Nostalgia forthcoming.


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Purely joined because of settings. Me and 2 of my W39 mates (General maclean and Colpo) joined up. Came with the name Fatarmy, done startup to about 2-3 villages with the 2 co's. Both quit I stayed on. Joined SchOol and eventually convinced my good mate Jagermeifter to merge/co with me. I merged into jagermeifter account. Took it from there, eventually became duke of SchOol yadayadayada.

SchOol failed. Me and Insom quit. Silva the bitch got me to come back to take over hahah123 as it was inactive and was losing a lot of villages. I came back helped stop the bleeding and just stayed on so I can help ODA win the world.

Very quick summary^ Might add in some gaps later, W50 has probraly been my favourite world. Lot's of things happened just to damn lazy to type lol.


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I started this World while i was still playing W 18 but that world was near the end and eventually ended. I started on the K 25/35 border, didnt grow much in the beginning (lazinesss, lack of farming, w18 and too defensive approach) and Cbears wouldnt accept me cause of my size.

After being part of several noob tribes i joined 24SINS who then turned TOYZ. Then School bullied them and they disbanded w/o a proper fight and i joined [END] with three more players from k25, Keegikolmas and two more i dont remember their names.

I had 1 mill points, ranked #150 on this World with villages in ks 25, 35, 15, 24 and 26. I went for 3 week holidays to south east asia (left a sitter)and when i came back i found School had declared on END and i had lost 90% of my account. And END did not exist anymore, many of my pals deleted so i was left to die.

Stubborn as i am i decided to keep playing, grew a bit unnoticed and sent a noble train to the rim (k3) although School was also there (wicked) unfortunately...

I kept growing, mainly in k3, joined tabach, then North and School declared on us. I already had again a 1.3 million account and my ODD skyrocketed for the first time to #3 that time. Later in April they organised a good Op on me and i went from 170 villages to 60...again, at that point i was #1 ODD on this World already. i was mainly evicted from k25 and 35 but i managed to survive on my k3 cluster.

As all of u know, in a coin world like this its pretty easy to recover quickly from your losses if u have easy targets available so i grew again to 1.5 million points. For the second time, School had not finished their job on me.

I joined Munch. 1984 launched a carpet bomb/fake op on me cause i was having some border/cluster issues with liz (battleaxe68). My tribemates supported me and i did not lost a single village, again ODD #2...
For the first time i felt safe and started making more offensive villages (at some point i had a ratio of 6:1 def:eek:f, very boring but needed...)
I grew to 2.8 mill, mainly in west k4. The reason i joined Munch was because of jen (Animal XD) and she was the only good player in Munch and only account bigger than mine but she (her co convinced her) decided to join School. All Munch (but me) would be left alone by School, those were her terms.

So i spoke to Liz and i joined 1984, they were planning to declare on School!!! Finally i would not fight alone...i did not hesitate and also i got a co for the first time in this World, davide, and old pal from W 18, one of the best players ive met on this game.

I joined 1984 in june with 2,8 mill account and being ranked #161 and #91 in ODA. Less than 6 months later i have a 10 million account, ranked #54 and #6 in ODA. Wonderful tribe, wonderful tribemates, lots of team work, and here we are.
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This is my very first world, and i'v done well in my opinion, i learn t a hell of a a lot from friends and enemies.
i started on an account called Chocolate Limes..dont ask why hahaa i dont even know myself.
i had a hard time at the start, with players all much bigger around me, but i learn t a lot from them.
i was in the tribe called CHAMP and we were at war with NOT! at the time.
i merged my account into BelGariad and i played that from 250k to around 11.5 million had a few co-players, some more stupid than others.
was in the tribe Called SOMD and we went to war with School.. sweetmisery at the time had a fair few sits lol while we were at war/not good. our leader bailed out on us, for reasons i will not say on here. she was a good player at the time, but school put huge stress on here buy launching on her. well done :)
the war was over before it started... IM runners ran for there life and still are...i was alone for a while, LOKI and school both wanted me ( dont know why ) i was at LOKI then went to School. 1984 smashed School. School was no more. i joined ODA about a month after the strong members made ODA its self (thanks for my chance) gave my account up for the good of the tribe really :) and now on a new one, still in ODA.
dean and Mike :) these guys and girls have taught me a hell of a lot and gave me the chance to prove it. thanks :)

ODA <3


Started this world with the account -=chuck norris=-, build that up too 100k. I thought i would give tribal wars another bash after i got owned on W24. Met a few new guys on here. Truegrave, Knifelord, Jen, Swe.erik and caz84. At that piont in time i will in tribe called Boat, which truegrave had setup to fight of the monster account 'tribalrevenge' that surrounded us all :p Started to make friends with a few guys in there, merged my account with a guy called Scream?. At that point we had 200k points. Then Scream? started to talk to a player called theknifelord and we merge our account into him. We had reached 1mill after the merge. Words couldnt describe how happy i was to have a 1 mill point account. After about 1 month on that account erik (swe.erik) suggest a merge with him and we couldnt say no. A 3 mill account ranked 25 in the world. So we did it, after a month of merging we finally all moved over. So on the swe.erik account there was four guys on all the time. But when i look back i was a complete noob. Ask sweetmisery ;)

By this time we had been in NOT! that declared on [END]. [END] mass deleted? i think :p NOT! fell apart after issac the bold quit. So, caz84 formed SOMD. That for me was the best tribe i have ever been in. Players like caz, truegrave, sweet and jen were all in there i remember the skype convos :') Loved them days!! After about 3 months in there school declared on us, caz84 got catted and quit. SOMD fell. Cant remember what happened after that. I can remember belgraid got me invited into LOKI (which had 4 members at the time) and after about 2 weeks in there we both got invited into school. Players from SOMD (wang1in, sweet and truegrave) Oped on me and made me quit :') i held on to the account for no point other then to see how much OD i could get. (got defender of the day twice :D)

No wait, i had a new co-player called akmal that got my account banned, which made me quit coz i lost about 130 villages. He also got a load more accounts banned. LOL!! After that i quit W50 for about 3 months and came back on the buldog ss account. Didnt like it so i quit that account, original guy left me to do all the work and cba with it all. I think a week after that i hear akmal got a hold of the password for that account and got that banned as well. Cant remember if it was him or not.

while on the buldog ss account i talked to alot of guys in HUG. One in particular, Tom. Owner of the alarichus account. He's was quitting because of RL issues and wanted to give his account away. So i said i will take it off your hands. Got the account at 2.3 mill points and 12 mill OD in june i think, cant remember.Alarichus account wasin the tribe HUg at the time and i was in team southwest. My team leader was southernz. I learned so much from that guy its unreal! He made me into the player i am today. sadly he quit because he got bored. Hug disbanded after ODa declared on them, made my own tribe and stayed under the radar for a bit. Joined TOL for 7 days and left, formed the tribe SOL with purmer and i am still fighting strong in that tribe now. If purmer hadnt have messaged me about making a new tribe i would have quit. Now TOl, LOL, NE, TNT and FS has declared on us that has spiced it up abit for me.

W24 Was my home but W50 is like your friends house you spend more time in then your actual home. Much love W50 <3


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<<< I started as alb.knight ... and will finish as alb.knight >>>

Popped up as a newbe @ K47 in 21st May 2010 ... then entered the first massrecruting tribe called K47 ... they all got rimmed i think me got too

Landed on K31 ...Met a few players with whom got connected to much ... first time started to learn a few basis of the game.
Was part of another massrecruiting tribe called ~SNOW~ which was growing to much in the K ... It got Sharks attentions so was putted down fast.
Then ~SNOW~ got divided and was part of the brother tribe ~HOTH~ ... made possible that time merge of ~HOTH~ with FPB tribe
Both tribes failed and so got nobled (not rimmed :icon_cool:) by Going Commando.

Then was part of SKR & FPB tribes merge which ended up with the making of GLOBAL family
@ the begining things looked cool but after SCHOOL broke Nap and attacked and also with 1984 attacking since before ...
GLOBAL become the mother of all Fails. No one was doing nothing ... and all those able to throw a single rock ... left with the first attacks ....

Joined 1984 ... this is where i learned anything ... asking watching and practicing ...
It was a year full of fun, fights and friends ... whom i say thnx to all :lol:
After joinied 1984 coplayed with Andy (qliphoth49) ... for 6 months ... he dissapeared for rl problems and i hope
he comes back one day ... big hug to Andy btw

After he left came a part things slowes a bit ... tryed to many co players shortly ...
Rob stayed the most since i booted him for not doingn nothing :lol:

Now finally coplaying again in the way it should be with Chris ... We gonna end this World together :icon_twisted:

Monday is the first anniversary in 1984 (poolparty) so again thnx to all tribe fellas for the great time:
alb.knight Joined 12th December 2010 - 21:07 474,103 points

In one year 12 000 000 Points ... and proud to have been part of 1984 Crew :icon_wink:

Members: Most gains (no internal conquers) (13,917 total)
#1 SmeXy Hippo 1,360 conquers 9.77%
#2 Going Commando 1,271 conquers 9.13%
#3 alb.knight 1,177 conquers 8.46%

Animal XD

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Started W50 in K14 as an utter noob first time playing this game.

I remember speaking to eyeofp which said that i was a noob and pathetic ( i was only like 3K) which made me determined to get the jist of the game,
I had a rough start jumping around K's met duane along the way and we hated each other from the start.

Finally made home in K3. Was in tabach then was utter fail then made munch at the time was only a tribe for myself until a few friends joined and then became a leader was doing an ok job until got pregnant and had less time for the game and let my co control the account for a while and i just said okay to anything.

Went to school a few days before it failed rejoined munch continuted to grow till June giving birth had less time for the game and let my co take control for a long time, account went inactive a lot of times, decided to quit about 6 times but got dragged in by tribemates DDD and munch merged was an absolute fail but made good friends with most of them. Now quit the Animal account for good Someone called sunprince has control now.


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Well I originally joined to muck about on the rim with some friends, they all quit bar Dave and Jack so we applied to 1984 and got accepted as we knew a couple of players from previous worlds and that's basically all there is too it, been in there for quite a while now. Honestly, I probably would've quit if it wasn't for pretty much everyone in there. Let's face it tw is a boring ass game, if you aren't playing with friends then you might as well be Jack, doesn't get any worse than that.


After W12 and getting my arse handed to me I swore I would never play TW seriously again and aside from popping into a few worlds to help out during wars or until a permanent coplayer could be found I had kept my word.

Then my best friend, soul mate, husband and general pain in my arse, aka Reoan, started playing W50. I had absolutely no interest in coplaying with such a point hoochie (love ya baby but really?) until I could no longer stand watching him play! I become his better half (yet again) at 17 villages.

We were in many tribes and had run ins with just about every other tribe as well. We longed for a decent tribe but while there were some with potential none made the grade. I became friends with Unsu, Shakari and Wickedsweetone due to our close location to each other in K21 (Reoan's birthplace). The exact details escape me but I remember an interview with Fadar and the long awaited invite to School being received. Finally, we were in a tribe that we could count on...not.

It was immediately apparent to me that something was not quite right in SchOol and to top it off I had a huge personality conflict with the most vocal and prominent member of leadership, Wildbunch. The only reason I did not hit delete was due to the fact Reoan would have made me sleep on the couch so I continued on until Wildbunch wound up pissing him off too.

It was clear that a war with 1984 and possibly HUG was on the horizon. Reoan and I then agreed that we needed to either bail out of SchOol and go it alone or hit delete and before we could decide which we preferred, 1984 declared on SchOol. Not being the type of players to bail during a war we renewed our commitment to our tribe and found we stood in a very small group, even I was surprised how very few of us there were. When SchOol broke up and ODA formed 1984 took pity on me and sent me an invite which is something I will always be grateful for. Without that invite I would have been done on W50 for sure. I was called a spy then and some still think I was now. I shall repeat my general response to all of that...go get bent. I have never been a spy, not on this world or any other for that matter.

Prior to us joining 1984 Reoan began losing interest in TW and after we joined 1984, mine grew. Finally, I was in a tribe I loved and could experience the most important and fulfilling aspect of the game...teamwork. Reoan still helped out (a better farming biatch you cannot find) but he moved on to other games. It is difficult to play TW after a certain level alone, at least for me, and 1984 came through for me again with my dear, Liverpool loving, coplayer Jack. (I wuv ya Jack!).

Search long but you would be hard pressed to find a better group of people than those in 1984. We have a horrible reputation that has earned us the moniker of being the bullies of the world. We have smaller tribes constantly working together to get rid of us and it does nothing but warm my heart. We worked very hard for the reputation we have (actually they worked very hard for it as I am a professional slacker) and every time that insult is hurled at us it makes me know that we play for the team, as a team with a group of people we really like and value. As far as TW goes, could anything be grander than that?

And here I am now, in for the for the long haul, recovering from a horrible case of the flu (thanks to Reoan's devil spawn), sitting in bed typing this while wondering where Jack and I will send all the nobles we have been able to save up these last few weeks since DDD went kapootz. I will have to figure it out later as this bit of writing has exhausted me and if Reo finds me with the laptop I am a dead woman. I think I will take my fourth nap of the day.

I really thought it would be just a short post...


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It was clear that a war with 1984 and possibly HUG was on the horizon. Reoan and I then agreed that we needed to either bail out of SchOol and go it alone or hit delete and before we could decide which we preferred, 1984 declared on SchOol. Not being the type of players to bail during a war we renewed our commitment to our tribe and found we stood in a very small group, even I was surprised how very few of us there were. When SchOol broke up and ODA formed 1984 took pity on me and sent me an invite which is something I will always be grateful for. Without that invite I would have been done on W50 for sure. I was called a spy then and some still think I was now. I shall repeat my general response to all of that...go get bent. I have never been a spy, not on this world or any other for that matter.

I really thought it would be just a short post...
Perfect response Patti!:icon_razz: <3

1984 didn't need a spy. SchOol was done before the launch on 1984. Just took that to break SchOol apart.