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Super Brat

for some funny reason I dont think so
here, laugh this out, check the smamalot thread


cane9 said:
So I am sitting a tribe member, but ol Liban here doesn't know that ;)

Some funny stuff ensues :D

So first Liban mails me and I reply with something he said in the skype chat.

Liban32q today at 07:36
i will try to see if i can send some from k73

JWGT today at 07:49
Thanks babes!

Liban32q today at 07:50

JWGT today at 07:51
So you have a train completed and your building a few more?

[10:47:46 PM] Liban Mohamed: from the small amount of defense i got
[10:49:52 PM] Liban Mohamed: he is about to clear 3 villages for me in in k92... three of sparky since he is inactive. i am making 3 trains i got one colpleted
[10:50:00 PM] Liban Mohamed: completed

Then liban asks in skype:

should we add J in our skype convo

So I replied..

Liban32q today at 07:51
the nukes havent hit yet have they

Liban32q today at 07:52
ive got one complted lol

u posted the same time as me

Liban32q today at 07:53
do u have skype?

JWGT today at 07:53
should we add J in our skype convo?

Liban32q today at 07:53
lol!!!! im laughing my ass off!!!

JWGT today at 07:55
Haha why?

Liban32q today at 07:56
we never knew ur already there

JWGT today at 07:58
Oh yeah Sir marticus invited me..

Liban32q today at 07:58

This also continues on skype:

[10:53:07 PM] Liban Mohamed: ok
[10:54:10 PM] Liban Mohamed: oh wow u never told me hes here already
[10:54:46 PM] Holden: He is?
[10:54:53 PM] Liban Mohamed: yea
[10:55:07 PM] Holden: :O
[10:55:10 PM] Holden: who added him? :S
[10:55:14 PM] Liban Mohamed: im chatting through IGM and i was like
[10:55:15 PM] Holden: cause I didn't
[10:55:24 PM] Liban Mohamed: u have skype J
[10:55:28 PM] Liban Mohamed: and he was like
[10:55:59 PM] Liban Mohamed: he wrote the message i wrote here Should we add J in our skype convo?
[10:56:21 PM] Holden: :S
[10:56:22 PM] Holden: weird
[10:56:32 PM] Liban Mohamed: i know

So then JW comes on skype ;) (Not actually :p)

[10:57:12 PM] JWGT: Hey guys
[10:57:21 PM] Liban Mohamed: hey
[10:57:29 PM] JWGT: Hows it going Liban?
[10:57:30 PM] Liban Mohamed: yes
[10:57:34 PM] Liban Mohamed: wow
[10:57:38 PM] Liban Mohamed: what just happened
[10:57:41 PM] JWGT: ?
[10:57:52 PM] Liban Mohamed: u were talking to me a few secs ago
[10:58:08 PM] JWGT: Huh?
[10:58:29 PM] Liban Mohamed: ok did we not just talk about J
[10:58:52 PM] JWGT: Yeah we did?
[10:58:54 PM] JWGT: :S
[10:59:13 PM] Liban Mohamed: so why did you just act like u just came???
[10:59:23 PM] Holden: wait what?
[10:59:24 PM] Holden: :p
[10:59:31 PM] Liban Mohamed: ur fricken confusing me
[10:59:39 PM] Liban Mohamed: we were talking then ur like
[10:59:41 PM] Liban Mohamed: hey guys
[10:59:47 PM] Liban Mohamed: oh hey liban
[10:59:51 PM] Liban Mohamed: im like whaaaa
[11:00:02 PM] Holden: LOL
[11:00:14 PM] Liban Mohamed: lol
[11:01:09 PM] Liban Mohamed: ur JWGT!!!
[11:01:16 PM] Holden: I am?
[11:01:19 PM] Holden: No im cane :S
[11:01:21 PM] Liban Mohamed: yea
[11:01:26 PM] Liban Mohamed: no ur not
[11:01:41 PM] Liban Mohamed: he just sent me another ingame message.... so how confused are you?

And it still continues in the mail box..

JWGT today at 08:00
So how confused are you? :/

Liban32q today at 08:00
holy mothershit head ur using CANES SKYPE!!!!!!!!

Liban32q today at 08:01
or are you...

JWGT today at 08:04
I am? How is that possible?

Liban32q today at 08:04
ok ok im so goddammed confused!!!

JWGT today at 08:05
Yeah same here man!

Liban32q today at 08:05
ok are u or are u not on skype atm

And now Liban is throughly confused :D

[11:03:13 PM] Holden: So...
[11:03:17 PM] Holden: Whats up?
[11:03:26 PM] Liban Mohamed: oh my god
[11:03:34 PM] Liban Mohamed: my heads about to blow!
[11:07:10 PM] Holden: :p

Thanks for the laughs liban :D


quit posting stupid crap from another world... Unless you are talking about W28, or W50, then dont post.
sorry but if you know what he did you would understand why I am not happy with him and strayed off the topic

-Dark Assasin-

This is for the Premade for W50. Quit derailing our Topic!


You have gotten no wheres by repeating what he just said. Now what is the point of this topic now that world 50 is up and running?