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Discussion in 'Co-Players/New Owners' started by The Ch0sen 0ne, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    as you are all aware world 52 is soon approaching as it starts at the end of this month (28th to be exact) and my pre-made tribe are looking for active fun co-players (well some are anyway),
    i am posting this thread on behalf of my tribe because they asked me to so that they can get a co-player or 2 to help them in world 52.

    [SPOIL]1.) To be able to send at least a 200ms T Train.
    2.) To be able to snipe at least a 200-250ms T Train.
    3.) To Have Skype.
    4.) To be active as in on our forums and in our skype chatroom.
    5.) To be able to farm on a regular basis. (such as every 40-60 minutes)
    6.) To be able to use scripts.
    7.) To also put towards any premium. (Account Owners discression only)
    8.) To be able to do minimal things such as the basics of Backtiming (as an example)
    9.) To be able to have a laugh and a Joke (not take everything seriously and get that ego of yours raging)
    10.) Will be happy being in Newbz With Attitude the pre-made[/SPOIL]

    What We Offer.
    well a tribe isn't a tribe without team work their is no I in TEAM so we would offer the co-players the same respect and authority as the account owner (so an example would be if the account was a recruiter the co-player is allowed to recruit aswell as the account owner) we would also offer a fun filled enjoyable time on the world even though the settings are not the best but our Games and other fun stuff we will be doing will take of the edge of the world being boring.
    we offer to only be the best we can and the best can only happen if everyone chips in which they will.

    we Summon players of all timezones at this current stage as specific Times have not yet been given but this post will be updated with time zones when i receive them.

    if You wish to Apply to be for a co-player for one of our funny Members please add myself to skype:
    where i will ask a few questions and introduce you to the player that fits your timezone as well as you fitting theres and leave you guys to it :)

    The Ch0sen 0ne
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  2. -mefisto-

    -mefisto- Contributing Poster

    Jan 13, 2010
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    Not intrested :icon_neutral:
  3. thats cuz you have your own account b(.Y.)b :icon_redface:
  4. Ok we are in Need of 2 Uk or USA co-players.

  5. Stil Looking for co-players :icon_razz:
  6. tijgerwout

    tijgerwout Guest

    I'm interested. I meet all the requirements except I don't have any humor =[
  7. a !UN! Member now that is a surprise lol.
    each person has their own Humor :icon_wink:

    add me to skype bud and we'll talk :icon_redface:
  8. still looking :p

    also looking for Australian time Zones aswell :)
  9. Drunk in the morning

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    Oct 29, 2009
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    if you sell your Club Class S I'll Join...
  10. what do you mean?
    Class S?
  11. joesdaking

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    Nov 20, 2009
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    dont do it! he is an annoying spamming facepalm!
  12. whom are you reffering to here?
  13. Cuddlez

    Cuddlez Guest

    who cares...

    I am Australian- but i all ready am joining as Mr Lackadaisical- and will be on 24/7 for the first 2 weeks.
    I remember you...
    Your the person that i don't like :p
  14. iansno1

    iansno1 Guest

    i can do it :) ive not had massive accounts but im from the uk and can do all the backtiming sniping scripts and stuff....and i do have a sence of humour allthough slightly weird at times :)
  15. iansno1

    iansno1 Guest

    oh and my brother has had big accounts so anything i dont know he certainly does :)
  16. Don't care don't post NoOb
    Not interested go spam someone elses thread NoOb

    add me to skype bud
  17. Still looking :)
  18. ZedNex

    ZedNex Guest

    Hmm, alot of enemies TCO? and most are my friends :icon_eek:
  19. :icon_eek: Cuddlez is your friend? :icon_eek:
  20. ZedNex

    ZedNex Guest

    Yes he is :lol: