W54 Awards


Looks like the results haven't been tallied yet?

Most Dangerous Tribe Chicken. Sure I'm biased as hell but don't kid yourself, so are you.

Most Promising Tribe See above

Least Promising Tribe RT. Their forums are a hot mess, their big players have swapped over to Chicken and despite having a tribe wide op against Cry Cry, they have yet to take a single village from him. And the sad thing is that the "tribe wide op" started nearly 5 days ago and is even in a shared room with another tribe. Overall about as unimpressive as it gets and I have the feeling someone (Chicken) is going to run the poundtown express on them shortly.

Best Player hibakusha. Not only are they ranked 4th in the world, highly active and skilled but they are a "playmaker" in Chicken and command the members respect through leadership quality

Best Leader In w54, I just couldn't say. I need to see some serious wars and tactics.

The Forum Personality Award Sellsword. Of the posts I've read, he is usually the most rational and I tend to agree with what he says above all other posts.

Most Annoying Forum Poster King Johan probably but I'm sure there are myriads of equally annoying forum posters

Most Predicted Future Event A large scale war between Chicken and RT (crossing my fingers)
While making the selection I did not included RT, and its members into consideration. But what u did is totally opposite. I suggest to rethink and try to avoid chik3n, and its members from your nomination.



this award part is peoples choices on whom they feel deserves there respect or at least there mentions

we have no right to ask anyone to withhold there thoughts and to be honset i was very proud to be on Awesomesawce list for best player

it gave me smiles :) which is a good thing