W55 Co-Players Request


Alright why post here, well I had a lot of friends in this world, and I came back to TW because of that.

Preferred Co's (max limit 2, 3 total including myself)
Time Zone UK, NZ/AU (ideal, but flexible)

Ability level:
  • Knowledge of scripts and ability to use them
  • Nuke them or lose them attitude, egos left at the door
  • Backtiming, sniping ability
  • Prolific farmer
  • Former buds are appreciated
  • Skype is a must

This is for any current player or past players that you all may know that would like to play the game again, or try a new world.
I don't have all my past buds skype ids or they have since changed or no longer valid.

For more details my skype id is chlorinebleach, and just hit me up about this specific thread.
A premade has already been set, with other experienced players. Two I'd call monster players, others highly experienced, so it's good company to be in.
Serious, but fun minded players.

Best of Wishes to you all in this world, wish me luck in W55.


Mod you may delete this thread. I will repost in W55. TY.