W55 Requests


Hope this isn't tooo impolite of me but.........

Can I plz ask that players who are our enemies in the world, Which is everyone outside of our alliances -.-
Can you plz use ur research and make sure u have researched both defense and offense in all ur villages. Would it be too much to add to keep ur market down abit and plz plz plz don't go for the HQ of 30.

I do prefer it that way.

really if u only have time to get one thing ready for me plz make it researching ur troops.

I'm not too fond of ingame mails so just post when ur villages are ready and we'll contact u for the hand over.

appreciate ur assistance in making the hand over a smoother process.

Thanks in Advance.


Much agreed dont know how many times i have taken a village on 55 to find the wrong build type for research.


i cant stand the level 30 hqs and 15 workshops and geez even lv 10 hiding place
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