W59 Player vs Player Round 3

Kinky n Tough

Reaction score
rascal-the-cat vs AxlTheCat - Tough call but I'm giving it to Axl and his sniping magic (unless there is coordinated PMT to add into the mix then Axl has no chance!)

Notanothernoob2 vs Irish53 - As much as I love Akhil & James .... Kenny and I would kick your butts (even if Kenny gave you a pity vote :O )

Nomad/Batzz7 vs Shaggy Rogers

Maths Legend vs Monsterbro/Nobody Nightmare

Piqnicata vs Macondude/HumbleTree

JonnyFlame vs Jurasu/BlackRoseShard - W16 aside ..... Jonny's accent alone is enough to get my vote

Maths Legend

rascal-the-cat vs AxlTheCat - I think this is a horrible match-up, which we all knew would come. The reason i am voting for the ladies is because they did wear him down in w16 - and i am informed that this was a fight between Axl and a fair few players which makes this an unfair fight indeed. But unfortunately i have nothing else to separate them in terms of fighting ability. They are the two players in this world who i would dread to fight the most, and i feel sorry for any who have to :p

Notanothernoob2 vs Irish53 - I don't know. I just don't know. Not really sure if i'm right or not. Akhil is pretty good at maths. Sonya is also pretty scary..

Nomad/Batzz7 vs Shaggy Rogers - I think shaggy is doing better this world so that tips it for him.

Maths Legend vs Monsterbro/Nobody Nightmare - Maths>Monsters

Piqnicata vs Macondude/HumbleTree - I think the two guys on piq would take this one. They have a lot of skill and work brilliantly together.

JonnyFlame vs Jurasu/BlackRoseShard - I have no knowledge of previous worlds these guys have been on, so looking at this one, I think BRS takes it, but only just.


(rascal-the-cat vs AxlTheCat) vs GearHound Parenthisis first. :p Axl you noob.

Honestly, by this point, I don't know enough about the pairs to make an educated guess. I could dissect stats, but stats are relative. I could cheer for the people I like best?


As Jurasu is busy sending leading tribes and sending nukes and stuff, I decided I could continue this thing. I hope Jurasu doesn't mind.

Last vote was casted 11 days ago so I think everyone who wanted has posted their votes and here are the results:

rascal-the-cat vs AxlTheCat713
Notanothernoob2 vs Irish53711
Nomad/Batzz7 vs Shaggy Rogers127
Maths Legend vs Monsterbro/Nobody Nightmare154
Piqnicata vs Macondude/HumbleTree154
JonnyFlame vs Jurasu/BlackRoseShard514