W5's Best Tribe?


Note: this is not asking what the current, best tribe is. It's also an attempt to breathe life back into this forum, and there's more than enough here to work with so you don't have to spam it to keep it active! Now read the rest :p

W5 has gone though quite a few top tribes in its time, and has seen many tribes rise to the top only to be eclipsed by another forming fast on its tail. However, there have been a number of tribes that have stood out throughout the shifting, constantly staying at the top, or even tribes that despite their ever so brief existence made such a huge impact during their time that they influenced the direction of the world long after they disappeared from the playing field.

So my question is: what tribe, out of all the tribes that had existed in two years of this world, was the best tribe ever to have formed, and why?

Why were they so great? what did they achieve, and if they're gone, where did they go?

Try not to be TOO biassed when answering this, I know personally how great on tends to feel one's tribe is (I will always have a soft spot for LFKD, seeing as I learned to play in D.A.)

So let's hear it, The best tribe of w5?


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I would have to say, back in the days of everyone being active, the best tribe in W5 was PKs; not too sure about that now, however over the whole time I would feel that PKs were and have been the best individual tribe.


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I would have to say PKs. They have been around for ages, and are still going strong, and no matter what tribe you are in, even if you are at war with them or not associated in anyway with them, you can still look up to them and through all the fighting, you can see why they have been so successful.

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barbar for the single fact that they do still excists !!
they have VERY smal front to fight.
if just 2 players would attacks them "from behind" then they would colapse together in a moment.

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but they're not bad in what they're doing. i must admit this.


barbar for the single fact that they do still excists !!
that's a good point actually, I quit over a year ago, and i was certain months before I left that I was gonna outlast them. I have a serious amount of respect for those guys for how they've managed to hold on in that corner of the core!


barbar is a rock, cant argue there. for me the best tribe was EA-A. it was where i learned and had the most fun. the holy war will always be remembered...

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Depends how you define best tribe?

I guess on paper overall PKs would apear to be the best performing tribe, but due to the nature of this game(in how it goes on forever and ever, where activity means more than skill and aggression in the long run) it could be possible like in all worlds before w5 that family tribes will be the most effective come the long run. Still the future is unkown and PKs can and will adapt to new circumstances if needed. Certainly in my books PKs and Barbar have been the 2 most impressive tribes, some massively active and intelligent players amongst their numbers being a prime reason.


i was in BarBar on this game. :)
I was thinking to say BarBar but now I have to think about my answer again.

OK. Firstly I liked this topic and my answer will be DFB. But not their last times. I mean when they started to play they did really goods job. I still cant forget how they killed a top 10 guy in world and a top player player of K65. They had got really good organize and they killed him from K55.

When they were active, they were the best defenders of the game.

Answer of the last question. where they did go. ( W30 ? :D ) They collapesed because the leadership collapesed.

I learned to much thing from their members and leaders.


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I would say it depends on when you are talking about. In the early race, I am partial to D.A. (not just because I was there). What Ender (and the rest of the Vets) did with relatively inexperienced players was unbelievable, with D.A. packing a huge punch for our size--both in terms of number of members and in terms of point totals. Our coordination wasn't quite that of DFB, but it was still good.

In the middle period of the game it was between DFB and PKs. PKs were better on offense and DFB on defense, but the precision of DFB was something to behold. And as good as PKs was, I wouldn't have been surprised if DFB would have outlasted them if it came to a duel.

Later in the game it was other groups, not because they were "better" per se, though in terms of last man standing, they were, but because LFKD had other worlds, and other priorities. For example, I was in college, writing my thesis, then working 80 hours a week and just didn't have time to be an effective player. I know my case isn't unusual. As with the player above me, my hat goes off to DFB. As far as I am concerned they were the best tribe I have ever seen because they were a tribe, not just a collection of amazing players who didn't necessarily have time for the discipline or coordination DFB attained.



Suuuure, ya couldn't have bumped this when ReV was still around? xD
In all seriousness though, that probably was one of the most effective tribes created in w5. It had a goal and purpose, and for having only 4 members, the amount of enemy conquers was extremely high IMO, and the amount of losses were minimal.


Rev was only a part of the VVV front, that's why it's "easy". It' hell for larger cordinators to plan for inactives as well.

However they did have good stats.


While we are voting, yes Barbar. R2-Tru was impressive as well while they last, was none who belive that they would last so long.


Looks like we overlooked a sci branche.:p

Best tribe on W5, 1337. :)