W5's Best Tribe?

Discussion in 'World 5' started by Petnquaranlor, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Gammlen

    Gammlen Guest

    Oh yes, I practically live off those 20 seconds trains not sent by me :icon_rolleyes: have a look: Account sitting log for this account over the last 120 days: 92 days. 92 days I say? Since the 92nd day was July 3rd I suppose that'll put the sitting activated all the way back at April 2nd. I send proper trains, even if you think you know otherwise.
  2. Dazrield

    Dazrield Guest

    Oh, well.. if you say so it must be true. That's less than I've been sat even:

    Account sitting log for this account over the last 120 days: 119 days
  3. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    But tribe 2(sci) does suck, i mean, what is it worth really?
    Tribe 1 is very honourfull, but Not 1 tribe is resisted against sci n00beling, and stupid way of playing, everyone gets bored.
    Even sci themselves get bored, your tribe just suck so much, even your own decent guys say byebye.
    How many K's did your tribe take by war? :p (not much:p)

    And you cannot get RL in TW because those 2 are totally difrent, If Hitler bought his soldiers winterjackets, and made them a decent supply route, the sovjets would have been digging up uranium into seberia as we speak.
    And what would you call a proper train?
    If it is simulair to a "reasonable nobletrain" (blub's ones) were talking about a few 40 seconds.
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  4. Gammlen

    Gammlen Guest

    No, it doesn't have to be true, even though it is this time. I did go away for three months time and left the account in the hands of somebody else, they apparently attacked you with shitty timed trains and there is nothing I can do about that. If that puts my name in your "n00b" book thats great! Gives me that much less reason to act properly the next time I attack you. May the SCI n00bmachine bore you to death.

    @Rowan, yes RL and TW are completely different, but I was merely trying to make a visual representation of "A vs B, A fails B wins" that would be easy for everybody to get their heads around...

    Proper trains are around 50-200ms, though thanks to the new rules its 150-200ms now :(
  5. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    You should edit that post to make your leaders look good, make it 200 seconds or so.:p
    No-one can be blamed at low standards - exept sci. :)
  6. Gammlen

    Gammlen Guest

    Why edit it to make my leaders look better? If they suck at sending trains then thats their problem, not mine.
  7. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    LOL, i think you are lucky you quit.:p
    ironic - lucky - lucky charms.:p
  8. Gammlen

    Gammlen Guest

    I've recently found out I wanted to stay... just to bug you guys :icon_redface: :)
  9. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    Yeah well, account enough rotting in sci.:p
  10. Gammlen

    Gammlen Guest

    Rebuilding on other rotting accounts in SCIOVA will at least let me participate in the VVV war eventually :) Unless the two families suddenly go soft on each other and in a big sloppy makeout session ally each other again :icon_neutral:
  11. drxavier

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    excellent, back the honourable context I love it, R2 the honourable sounds nice!
    Obviously no good guys left R2, only chumps, now let me think, good guys leave R2 because they are bored, R2 disband, (I mean regroup), oh yeah, that's the plan, run and join others or form a 1337 squad nice work!
  12. Dazrield

    Dazrield Guest

    What do you even care if we're honorable? You've been given chances to test it and you've declined either out of fear or self doubt. I'm not even sure what you're so angry about, what exactly is it you're posting against? The skilled player? Free rights and liberties for Nubs everywhere?
  13. rowanbaen

    rowanbaen Guest

    R2 has honour anyway, you, and your nubs (friends) don't.
    Look at yourself, you are worthless to your tribe in any shape or form, but Heh, that actually fits to your tribe since sci is also worthless in any shape or form.:p
    so you are where you belong, you lost handsfull of villages, and yet again, there is no keeping you down, you are a very "skilled" internal nobeler. LOL
    You are almost as pvs001, also worthless are stuff, but man, there is no-one who can keep up with his internals.:p
  14. I'd have to say the best tribe is PKs, by far. The reason being is that I can find many more flaws in other tribes rather then PKs(even though it does have its own flaws, every tribe does,) and the group of players here in PKs are just extraordinary.
  15. Viper30

    Viper30 Member

    Aug 3, 2008
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    best tribe to me would be the one having taken most advantage of wars between others and still beeing here making good use of Activity in the tribe
  16. Ark Angel

    Ark Angel Guest

    D.A. will always be my tribal love <3
    Hi :D
  17. sgghays

    sgghays Guest

  18. luftie

    luftie Guest

    ~TSE~ by far :icon_wink:
  19. uka77

    uka77 Guest

    I like TSE was in the tribe in W30 with VDOS and some others
  20. ben is great

    ben is great Guest

    I stick by what i have always though.

    HOPLON is still the best tribe IMO, even though i screwed them over a bit, by my own foolishness and ignorance :/

    They are still fighting strong, since i have moved out and sold my apartment in HOPLON, all the new house's i moved to just didn't feel right. So i felt it was time to move country :/

    Gone to the .uk server instead =[

    Will miss you guys and will sometimes pop on to say hi and stuff :icon_sad: