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Hello W60,

After speaking with TWstaff to see if would be able to continue this world for longer we were told that by the way we were going we would probably win anyway so they suggested that we post on the externals to see how many people wish to make this world 75%.

I understand that some SPAM members want 100% and I understand that some SPAM want this world over with. But I also know that both *TLS* and GOD want 100% so 75% would be the best chance.

The only way I see 75% achieveable is if the TWstaff put a poll out to W60 and asking if they want W60 to become a 75% win or not. That way all players get to vote anonymously and if W60 becomes a 75% winning condition, those who want this world over with can either hit delete or agree to create a new tribe altogether so neither SPAM, *TLS* or GOD win. Instead all of us win.

I have asked Butonel* to post this for me as new external forum rules mean I have to wait for my account to be actived by a Community Manager before I can post anything here.

My regards,

Conor - The Oncoming Storm


Hey Im all for a 75% I do like 100% because that is a real win though :p

We all know there are deserving people in all tribes who have stuck with this world even after the secret fiasco. 60% dominance is hardly a win. Many of you say you would quit if it was higher. With the right people this world can end sooner and with a decent percentage. A percentage to be proud of.


Screw GOD, and all the barblers in TLS.

I'm up for this if it is only the deserving players who have done their part for the tribes.

I'd like to see some actual proof and verification though of this though.

s a v e

Why prolong a world that has been dead for over a year? This world is over, move on to another world where people are actually active and put up a fight.


Im up for 75% as the world is not dead just look at player stats but I do think all sat accounts in all tribes should no longer be sat and tw should turn them all barb just m thoughts


Screw GOD, and all the barblers in TLS.

I'm up for this if it is only the deserving players who have done their part for the tribes.

I'd like to see some actual proof and verification though of this though.

The Oncoming Storm wanted me to post the information requested. It was Baron Von Dracul that sent in the ticket this is what he said:

"Hello, I have been conversing with many people in W60 from several different tribes, and they have expressed an interest in continuing this world until a tribe can hold 75% of the populated villages, how can this be done, if a poll indicated a majority of people wished for this..any thoughts by the TW staff would be greatly appreciated..."

And this was his reply from Morphy:

Jon / Morthy 2014-06-29 14:47:33
Hello Baron Von Dracul,

I would suggest opening a topic in the public forums to gather opinions, and then we could consider a poll based on the responses there. However, from the looks of things you may reach 75% dominance by the time the 90 day countdown finishes anyway.


Jon Dawson
Community Manager


Alright got my reply and confirmation regarding this..Although almost NO one in tls or god utilize the external forums. I believe i can sum up all there feelings in one statement.

Till the death.

At current we are on a comeback i stated we had started weeks ago. It is finally picking up realistic speeds and becoming something of interest. The world is only dead to those that do not play it. For a good 35% of the world war still wages with fun and fight. So all those people that think the world is dead either do not know how to read stats OR do not know how to do math...either way.


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Greetings Guys,

Changing the dominance win conditions would not change anything just the percentage of course, it will just prolong the world..

Dominance of tribes is as follows.

Top tribes by dominance
SPAM 65.1%
*TLS* 20.6%
GOD 12.5%
A.I. 0.5%
TCR 0.4%
XVI 0.3%
WHO 0.3%
TheEnd 0.1%
SWAT 0.1%
KOG 0%
Heaven 0%
MMI 0%
T.D. 0%
INF 0%
Sect 0%
qw 0%
Misery 0%
T.O.G 0%
291029 0%

as you could see your tribe TLS only controls 20.6% i dont see your tribe anywhere near 75%, even if you merge with GOD you will not have the numbers to get to 40% only way that you will acomplish that is is by recruiting the 35% or Nobling the 35%...I have talked to Valtheran and asked why God and TLS are not merged yet, by merging you will make it a point that there are now 2 remaining Dominant tribes in world 60,... That is Spam and TLS...and from there try to stop us.

100% win in this world is a dream, while I like to accomplish that, the win conditions in this world don't allow us to win that situation, also adding that players in our tribe and players in your tribe have different personalities that by just suggesting alone to recruit some of you guys would draw flak, and frown from tribesmates who have fought your tribes real hard....

We started at 66.7% and dropped to 65.1% in 50 days....50 days......that is only a 1.6% drop on dominance if you continue at this rate the best you can accomplish is a 3% drop, or 62% in 40 days as you could see is not enough to win this world...

I havent ordered our tribe yet to mass noble barbs to offset all the percentage dominance losses...

I would suggest that you consolidate all your group and talk to us and surrender..

Your surrender means the end of all wars in this world and from there we can talk about what moves to make in order to accomplish your goals...

By surrendering and accepting that SPAM have won decisively against your tribes and accept humbly that we have fought with honor and strength, we can move on and do what needs to be done to accomplish what a real victory is.....


Co-Duke SPAM


It's simple if you want it prolong the world you have 40 days to noble 5% of spams villages.

It's simple as that really.

sidd 271

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during the 3 months end game phase you guys will easily reach 80% dominance


I will delete my account if a change is done. This world has gone on for far too long now. Many players already quit because its nothing but boring.

You change the settings, I delete. W75 is so much more fun.


While SPAM does still control a large percentage i feel that increasing the percentage needed would be much more fun and we would definitely have the win.

SPAM is inactive, we had inactivity for a very long time and we have recently become slightly more active...this is clearly shown in stats.

SPAM members may call it however they wish, the facts:
we will not merge
we will not recruit any of them
we will get them under the 60%
we will rim all of them and go on to win this world

We knew a long time back that many SPAM members were due to go inactive due to RL, others simply said they ha no interest in fighting a proper dominance war (litka, orourke and many others will delete - their words) if the timer stops.

Some SPAM members do want 100% and everyone from TLS and GOD want to see this world continue :)

If there was a poll taken it would indicate that more players on this world wish to see the dominance level raised.

For those of you that say this world is dead, it is....for you.

So many people have lost interest or become busy in RL on both sides and decided to give away their accounts (or leave them to barb out), this doesnt mean the game should end for all of us - that is their choice and we should be allowed to make ours :)


Delete if you want hungry...We do not quit and still hold a combined total of 35% of fighting force. Do not get mad at US that you can not keep your members playing. We who continue to fight are not the ones that make things boring...that rests solely on your tribe...maybe your members just slowly got tired of your honor tactics that held no honor?

The biggest reason you do not want the change guys is not because you think you deserve the win but because you fear that shortly after half your tribe will hit delete.


The reason tw is dyeing and losing out to other games

They want to prolong their existing world's instead of promoting new world's. W60 is long dead

It will be a dream come true for tls and god who with 100 + members control 30% villages

Where as 40 members of Spam control 65% villages.

With world being extended I am certain at least 40% of spam will delete and then there will be a good chance for barb noblers to win.

Spam started after secrets at 31% and is now at 65%.

But if prolonging the world means fighting dead who don't defend and just noble barbs on other side of the world then that's not what I play tw for.

I played w60 and f aught my wars till there was challenge and worthy opponents.
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the nemesis123

No poll is needed. 60% was already voted on to give *TLS* a chance and they messed it up.

No fight on this world left, just let a dead world die.

I encourage everyone to vote no and get back to their lives if there is truly a poll. If this is just another Butonel* joke as usual, then it just needs ignoring. Regardless, a poll is unfair and should not be done since there are more player on the losing side which would do anything for a minute chance to win which would skew the vote.

At this stage, it is inactives fighting inactives. We at SPAM have basically sat back because we are going to win. If it was to go to 75%, we would just win later and time would be wasted. Lets all get back to our lives please.

41 days until SPAM wins.
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the nemesis123

On that note, lets not give Butonel and fisher's ramblings legitimacy. Just ignore this thread and let it die as a last little bitchy sore loser complaint as SPAM rightfully wins W60.


You say that as we continue to reduce your tribe? Oh silly person, the post actually currently has legitimacy and you don't deserve the win if you can not attain it.


would vote for the 100 % if not at least the 99 but even 95 % would do the job lol


Spam recruited to get the 60% because they know damn well they would not have won.A true warrior would not have raken the cowards way out and fayght to the last village.So come on mods give us a break here.We have already took a chuck off that % of theres and trust me we can win this world.

The Oncoming Storm

I can now post here. Thanks to those who posted on my behalf. This is no Butonel* joke. I have no doubt that *TLS* and GOD will be able to bring SPAM down before the timer ends. We just want to spice it up a bit more. I personally do not care if SPAM members hit delete. You can threaten it all you like, if you want to hit delete then hit delete we're not stopping you, just means we can use our nukes elsewhere. I am a firm believer the saying "Majority Rules", which means it doesn't really matter if SPAM want the poll or not, *TLS* and GOD do. Just to add to that there are members of SPAM that do want to vote like Alysta for instance:

"Alysta today at 16:19
I'm happy with whatever is decided but if conditions change then it would be nice to get some serious help to retake k25! I have an always will be a loyal servant to the dictatorship that is spam.


And you may laugh and say *TLS* and GOD will win by barbling, that's not entirely true, especially if you check the war stats.

This is the past week:

I say we vote and see what the rest of the world thinks.