W64 auto self-updating map


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DX and +WIP+
FF1 and FF2
NEW! and Scary

These are the ones I could think of. Also one of the tribe should be in the top 20 that is why I only picked these tribes easy for us to know.
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there is two hot-h ?? hmm i see this 5,.. isnt those 5 family? (i wont add this until confirmed.)


i made the changes it should show on the next update.

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Okay thank you i shall make the changes and hope it makes it thur before the update.

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I think its time to drop the Top 15 Noblers down from 3 days to 1 day.

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Can someone change colour of BoB in Top 15 tribes map? too Similar to Onfire considering they are side by side

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As it seems nobody cares about this anymore.

Buuut, there is someone who does.

Thank you for the maps.


This needs to include the edge K's. Rim is still moving strong in the south.


thats true, i just took a bonus in k96 and it wont appear.. :'(!


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Could the map settings please be updated in general? None of the families are up to date and the border k's aren't shown.

Fossil and MW are part of a family.


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Sad part to that is MW isn't family they are a strong ally it is similar to that of Onfire and Where? were. Well the thing is that ants leads MW. While me and WR lead Fossils. Fossils don't lead MW. While in Ex case Ex leads CTT and Exo. So that is my thought on family tribes.

We may help out MW but what does a ally do for another ally. So my thought on a family is a tribe lead by the same leader of another tribe and there are many circulars that would say this from Ex.
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^^ exactly

family = multiples tribes sharing common leadership

fossils and mw have different leadership
the ex family all has the same leadership

further, mw and fossils do not share the same diplomacy
we have a strong alliance with fossils ofc, but their diplomacy with other tribes does not dictate our own, and vice versa

i have seen it suggested before that mw and rawr were family, but while the comment was made on a couple occasions, nobody has ever offered any argument at all for why mw and rawr (or now fossils) would be considered family
considering we do not share common leadership or common diplomacy, i suspect the reason there is no argument being put forth is because there is no reasonable argument to be made


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If you would never turn on one another and commonly share inactives you'd be brother tribes.

If there is no chance of betrayal, in TW that means you have a brother tribe.

Argue all you will about diplomacy and leadership, but in the end it's the same.

I've lead tribal families with brother tribes and academies. Our brother tribes didn't share the same name, diplomacy, or anything. However if there was a war, support, or anything at all we'd join in. Unfortunately our brother tribe mass recruited into a new K and quite a few spys. The tribal family collapsed and we were rimmed little by little.


Ps. this does not necessarily reflect everyone's opinions or what everyone does. It's simply something I did on a past world world and my own opinions regarding family tribes. Feel free to argue the point. I've made mine and don't wish to change your minds.
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