W64 Blogger!


Hey guys! Guess what! No, go ahead guess!
Oh, alright I'll put you out of your misery. If you hadn't guessed by the (unbelievably sexy) Purple name, I am now the official W64 Blogger!
This thread is where you can interact with me and give me any suggestions or feedback on my blogging, along with where you can get links to my latest posts, which will be frequently updated.
Other than that, I think most of you guys already know me from around these forums so I don't have much else to say, other than, Happy reading! :)


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.... can we get some insight on some more obscure tribes? like lower than top 10 or 20? ones that show promise or have interesting relationships or wars or what not

Pragmatic Wisdom

Best name yet :icon_cool:
Correction; best name to date in the entirety of .net (that I've had the pleasure of reading that is). To be honest, with a Tribe name like that you'll be sure to attract more players just for having that name. Now it makes me wonder what the possible CoA would be ;)


Awesome blog Steve...BUT you forgot to interview me :icon_surprised:


Really nice .. Justin must be proud of ye., least he should be./


Really nice .. Justin must be proud of ye., least he should be./

core ye scallywag! yer usin the pirate "ye" now?! guess all this time 'round me stinkin self have brished up some pirate stink on ye!!!

nice goin blogger man! be sure ta entertain us!