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Still Going Strong
Do you really want me to spoil it or do you want to feel the satisfaction of finding it yourself? :O
Don't spoil it, but another hint may be. :icon_rolleyes:

This one ain't getting me to the place!
You’ll need a map to find it

How can I see the Invisible Egg where Lots of visible things around her?! :icon_confused:
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Still Going Strong
As I said before, you don't actually need a map, but if you just take a look around, you should be able to find it...
Emphasize one word of the bold sentence for the answer.


Still Going Strong
Hmm not bad, but in the the first part it says "28th of June" which has to become August, world wasn't open in June yet. As you also said yourself the blog was quite empty, normally you address like 3 to 4 points of interest, now just 1. College xD And I also missed the easter egg :'(