W77 - the end


I think we know that Civil is having the most fun right now. I mean... Welsh Celts is there...

We have the best Skype chat...

W2V will still win this world.

*End of Convos*

*Face Palm*


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World 77 is now at it's final stages. Many argue that anything can happen as a world draws closer to a close. I disagree I believe at this point of the game only a select few options are possible. This has been proven world after world. While it it not the case for all worlds, it certainly is for the vast majority. Especially on no hauls.

It is unfortunate that my time on this world has been limited. This is due to a number of reasons. The main issue being a lack of time. While I've made a great effort to leave the game my farewells have never been permanent although this world I've seen the least amount of game time compared to any past no/limited hauls world.

While I am stuck for time, I have decided to make what is presumably my final thread (W77) at least for an extended duration.

If we briefly look at past similar worlds for a moment:

W56 Winner W2V

End game merge didn't go as planned. W2V won the world comfortably.

W61 Winner Zombie

There were only ever two contestants on this world. Riot and Zombie. Zombie eventually won the world after a number of poor decisions (Sam lead Gians on this world)

W65 Winner Wobble

Were always going to win this world. They had dedicated skilled players who brought them over the line.

W69 Winner Knock

Once PFF mass deleted there was only ever going to be one winner.

W71 Winner W2V

Poor start up but once they got large accounts their team work would have beat any opponent. Royale played this world but lost the end-game battle.

W77 Winner TBD



NAM are most likely to win this world if it was judged on skill alone. Sam has played his diplomacy well but the majority of it rolled out nicely for him. The decisions were basically already made for him. He has had many different leadership styles he has tried out and they have failed I believe this time he has the tribe to carry him over the line. They will try to be 'honorable' but get a final result as soon as possible. They do not enjoy endurance wars.

(1) They backstab RoyalE once Dharma are finished off.

(2) They backstab RoyalE and recruit Bacon giving them the element of surprise and a larger base of skilled players.

(3) They war Royale once everyone else is gone and then merge the best players.

(4) They war Royale once everyone is gone but do not merge.


(1) They backstab NAM once Dharma are finished off/recruit NIR

(2) They backstab NAM and recruit Bacon giving them the element of surprise and a larger base of skilled players.

(3) They war NAM once everyone else is gone and then merge the best players.

(4) They war NAM once everyone is gone but do not merge.


These guys are doomed. Their players will already look to join which ever tribe they can. Will most likely join a smaller tribe in the hoes of gaining immunity or merging into NAM or RoyalE. By doing so it gives them an end game advantage.


Will eat barbs until they decide who they will join. They will not win the world.


Join which ever side will take them. Similar to Bacon. Will most likely recruit some Dharma players in the coming week.

I know there are a lot of options there. I have left out the possibility of an NIR/Dharma/CIVIL/W2V alliance of any sort. It won't happen due to pride issues and they all know better.

NAM/RoyalE will have reservations from playing dirty as they have both played excellently so far and want to win it for themselves. The min issue that occurs for them is they can't approach a merge yet because if it emerges to the externals there is too much leverage between the rest of the tribes.

The final word.

NAM/RoyalE will finish off eating the other tribes around. Eventually one of them will make the move to either recruit NIR/Bacon and backstab eachother or they will eat the remaining tribes war and merge.

*I'm not fully up to date on all the politics at play.*

I'd love to open this discussion for people to make ONE final prediction on WHO will win the world and HOW.

Called it.