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One of the best I totally agree with you on that, the Best is currently in the number one spot and will finally put KNT to the sword in a couple of months...

I don't remember a war Fenix ever lost in the 5 years I have played W8 and they certainly went toe to toe with some of the best tribes and players in W8. Inactivity came when tribes started to lose serious ground and couldn't face defeat so most just deleted or moved to another world.

I think both the North and the South had alliances, we can see that right up until Fenix crushed DT and KNT with the help of FD, the other 5 or 6 tribes you are harping on about I have no idea, all my time in the South was spent at war.

When BLOC moved into the South I was informed by a lot of players they would rule the world eventually, we all know what happened next! Most of these weak players you mentioned have stayed until the end of the world and are now ruling it...


I was playing in continent 25/26 and I can say that about half of [DT] players quit not cause we were losing but because school/work was getting in the way of playing the game. We fought against BLOC and all the OMEGA families and we moved all the way from my continent down to 46 and 45 so I wouldn't say we were losing. If you look at the stats back then we were one of the best tribes at conquering enemy villages in all the wars we were in and only one tribe had us beat out which was FEAR and they also had gone very inactive. After the [DT] and FEAR merger to try and preserve some of the accounts majority of time was spent farming all the inactive villages and all the expensive nobles were used to conquer villages that just went grey from players not playing.

This is when majority of us lost the will to play the game cause eating up villages is boring as hell it killed the game for many of us including me which led to the point of [DT] becoming allies with KNT.

So nothign against the south I was never that far deep to fight with any of the real players down there all I know is that I played against tons of bloc players that succeeded in knocking around majority of the people from the south so by contrast I assumed the south was the weaker part of the world.

It was a fact that about 14 players from the south made up the top 20 players in points but when you looked at the over all attack ranking I believe at few points they fell as low as having 1 player be on that top 20. So majority of them ate inactive players and took small barbs and built them up. So now they rule the world which is fine but they only rule it cause they clearly showed they have so much free time to kill on this game that it will lead to such a conclusion regardless of how good or bad they are.

Still I very much enjoyed playing this world and I believe this game would be made so much more interesting if the world was reduced to a 6 by 6 continent world at which point the game can consist more on the fighting and strategy part of the game which is so much fun, then turning into a time management thing down the line.

tango minder

Sorry but these stats are not created over night...

Opponents defeated As attacker
Rank Name Defeated
1 flinty2005 [Fenix] 163,68 Mio.
2 Jaaz [Fenix] 160,42 Mio.
3 iubi29 [Fenix] 118,14 Mio.
4 pani20 [Fenix] 117,56 Mio.
5 BunnyKiller [Fenix] 107,89 Mio.
6 mkoricic [Fenix] 106,81 Mio.
7 heavens raider [Fenix] 93,59 Mio.
8 Sorlin [Fenix] 92,45 Mio.
9 Veikka [Fenix] 89,74 Mio.
10 sleeper7 [KNT] 87,75 Mio.
11 krystalballty [Fenix] 84,71 Mio.
12 nightrun [Fenix] 74,30 Mio.
13 llord torres [Fenix] 73,00 Mio.
14 jaysabi [Fenix] 72,91 Mio.
15 Ayler [Fenix] 68,99 Mio.
16 lemmekillyou [Fenix] 65,36 Mio.
17 cmcdowell [Fenix] 64,07 Mio.
18 HumphreysDragons [Fenix] 62,10 Mio.
19 The*Dark*Lord [Fenix] 61,76 Mio.
20 Helmoet [KNT] 61,38 Mio.

It's not about the time spent on the game it's all about how you spend your time playing it. When KNT and DT turned on Fenix they had a lot of the hard core players still loitering around. They decided to delete accounts because they couldn't break through the front lines and Fenix had a better strategy. We left the barbs and hit the red dots....


[DT] did have the best attack rank in the world for almost year and before we got it it was FEAR running the show. Those guys now are ranked great because guess what no one else was playing its easy to pick on randoms. Maybe we did have some hardcore players left but truth is I know for a fact about half the active players left before I did and that was years ago so lets not get ahead of our selves.:icon_razz:


Snaus then Virk stand out for me, Favourite world by far.

Time to start another, been a while. Gath02/ViRuS.


Pani20 went on to lead the tribe into many great wars and taught me a lot about attacking so he is up there with the great all time Offence giants.

One war I will never forget is TCSPC and here I met a lot of great players, Merrick yes she gave me hell, I was sitting Robkill and had a lot of fun exchanging villages with her, I think the worse for me was when I got the warlord snoopy account each night, she never missed a beat all night launching nobles and nukes, I think she just about destroyed my social life.

On the other hand we have Dulcy, well whatever I threw back at her she seemed to just laugh off, no matter how many fakes I sent she always found the nobles and the time and troops to kill them.

So hats off to Merrick (off) and Dulcy (def)

Dear Tango :)

Thanks for the mention. I guess we gave you hell on TW/Earth one way or another :) (I'm proud of that)

Allow me to point out a couple of things:

1. Pani was and will still be a remarkable opponent. As in he's all friendly and VERY cute but he always kept his tribe's intrest above his own. Gotta say he's even harder to crack as a honey ... even harder than Backwards was :p
2. I hate you. Always hated you. One of those love/hate relationships :)
3. Congrats. You deserve it and I take my hat off to it. I never though it'd be like this and I am really impressed :) Believe it or not I'm also happy you won this world (it's like being happy because the best Duke around here never managed to kick my ass ... imagine the pain it would have taken to do it :p )

There is one thing I appreciated most about you, your tribe and your co-Duke (Pani) you didn't take advantage or over-profit from the info you had from me ... during the TCSPC war. That's rare and special. You knew my inactives and my sat accounts. You knew our efforts and you didn't try to stretch out nerves :)
Thank you :)

Congratulations. You've done an awesome job :)

Looking forward to seeing you around Tango.
Take care hun :)

P.S: I'll be thinking of a good list of super players for this world :)
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*no scripts*
all others are just noobs


Of I tried to be veeery frindly with you sweetheart and I see it worked :p

Somewhat you're right and I have to agree ... playing without scripts was a lot more difficult and took more time.

As you know Manji ... both you and I have seen that tagging script that I was gifted by backwards ... well before accounts were banned for it :)

Miss you Manji dear <3