W8 Population

Tyr Hades

I saw this in a few other worlds and thought it might be interesting to keep up with, maybe update it once a month just to see how it changes...

18,264 players
405,434 villages
1,147 tribes

With 17831 players being above 0 points.


omg.... This means that one out of every 6 people are in the OIA alliance. :icon_eek: We are all a bunch of noobs on the outside. But our morale is worth something to. :lol:


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We joined just before the world closed... so that is where the spike came from.

All w1 guys that have been placed in every significant tribe in order to do something special.

Hooray for Beer/clorox:icon_eek:


aw you mean players are leaving :( *snif* and i never got to know them!

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they couldnt handle the Boosh's man-gina

so they turned to a drink of clorox..



Great, now the top tribes can use the "inactive player" excuse even more.