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Welcome 1 Welcome All!


Welcome to the W86 Awards Spectacular!

In the future, there will be many awards galas, this is just the first.
Awards will be issued for a variety of accomplishments ignored by those other stuck up venues.
But let's not keep you all waiting.

Our first nominees are...

Dr. Mentally Distraught! :icon_razz:

[spoil]Everybody knows him, everybody loves him. Nominated tonight for his artwork, you have seen his work on exhibit in such threads as What You Believe Everyone Looks Like and the classic Rate A Tribe. Some of his gifs sell for tens of cents! We are fortunate to be blessed with such talent in W86.[/spoil]
BrandonRulz! :icon_wink:

[spoil]Everybody knows him, everybody hates him. Nominated tonight for being the most claimed noble target of W86, you have seen claims by such players as Jovis and Vincent. Even his own tribemates wanted to noble him! Who will noble him? Only time and Tudadar will tell.[/spoil]
Michael Corleone! :icon_confused:

Wait what? This is some kind of mistake? What? My mic is still on?

[spoil]Ladies and Gentlemen, it seems MC is nominated for thinking this was a sound reply...

Shahyd if you have not noticed I have not gone around dancing that i nobled you because its not an achievement, at all. Did I start on that account? Nope. Did Kam start on that account? Nope. We took it over few weeks later. After we took it over, we proceeded to noble you when you were actively turtling and doing absolutely nothing.

In fact, you should thank Kam and myself for putting you out of your misery.
In reply to a well articulated and reasonable argument against his claim that he did what nobody else claims to have done, he basically thought "everybody should believe me cuz i said it" was a quality comeback! If the award goes to biggest ego, it could be his (though the competition is fierce)![/spoil]
Lastly, I nominate MYSELF! :icon_redface:

[spoil]Nominated for my work in General Discussion...


Mystery Nuke put up a good fight, he went with the traditional approach Good Vs. Evil, Guess Who Posts Next, he covered all the bases, but was totally unprepared for the game I brought. Not only do I have the most viewed and replied to thread in GD, but I started the BrandonRulz thread as well. Those 2 by themselves, beat out all BOB's threads together, sorry BOB :icon_sad:
When you add the Church of Tudadar and this newest thread, I should have more views and replies than all other GD threads combined! :icon_twisted:
If not, I'll claim my share of the Guess Who Posts Next count :lol:[/spoil]

So without further ado, the envelope please?


/me is so nervous
/me wonders who won

And the winner is...


I don't know what to say, I never expected to win, I've got nothing prepared...

First, I'd like to thank all the little people who made it possible, Brad, BrandonRulz and Michael Corleone ofc, but also Mystery Nuke, he was committed, it was no K.O., I only won by the scorecards. Let's give a round of applause to them all? No? Moving along then. I'd like to thank so many people, The Scientist even though he never ventured into my domain, CD I wouldn't be here without you, Tudadar the lord our God!


In fact, I'd like to share this award with all of W86, but I won't, its MY precious!
I'm humbled, speechless, I think I'm going to cry...


No, I'm alright, just give me a moment.

There is really nothing to say, except...

[spoil]Eat Your Heart Out BrandonRulz![/spoil]


You never said we were going to do an award is this weekly i demand time to prepare being this hated take effort and preparation vincent long gave up his quest to noble his 'formal request to the community to noble me via a train' has largely fell upon deaf ears. on another note i got cancel sniped by a guy who has played 1 world badly #marcychabot for underdog of the week #rekt #ihaznoluck




Fantastic Show!


you can make the most of it because im going to go really controversial soon and i will have it


I demand a recount of the votes, surely no one voted for Shahyd?


I voted for brandon these elections seen kinda dodgy kinda like the us elections

Deleted User - 4669627

sadly, a great tragedy has occurred :icon_cry:

the Awards Council approved the recount request and were set to publish the records when a horrible blaze erupted which brought down the entire headquarters, many lives were lost, our condolences to their families

after a suitable period of mourning, a new Awards Spectacular will be conducted to help us all move foward, its what the deceased would have wanted
voting is already underway, BrandonRulz is again nominated
will he win this time?

[spoil]stay tuned[/spoil]
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That was embarrassing to listen to, tbh. I was cringing so hard.

Deleted User - 4669627

that was quality :icon_rolleyes:
but now its gone :icon_cry:

*** 25 is replying to a deleted post

Michael Corleone.


btw, I posted full proof of myself and my co Kam nobling you. Get rekt looney tunes.
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