W86 world cup - quarter finals


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Quarter finals:

The Climb - TruffleShuffleOrRiot

michonne - Heruvime

Chuck Norris - Flavius Aetius

Aldegrion - Da Trouble

Bonus round:

East vs West

aqswder - 420Cliff

paulbohs - teh ninja - anantrocks - TruffleShuffleOrRiot


Ok, here are the results of the quarter finals.

The biggest win goes to michonne against Heruvime by 8 votes. This is a bit because Heru is an unknown player to most of the players on .net but 2 more worlds and this will be much, much closer.

The narrowest win goes to Da Trouble by a margin of 1 vote. When I saw the draw from the generator I suspected this one will be really really close. This pairing and the pairing of michonne vs. heruvime makes me happy that all was clear before my vote and I didnt have to put mine in this time.

The bonus rounds were without a surprise. Those who deserver to win, did win. In my opinion.


The Climb - TruffleShuffleOrRiot 6-14

michonne - Heruvime 14-4

Chuck Norris - Flavius Aetius 5-13

Aldegrion - Da Trouble 8-9

east - west 4-6

aqswder - 420cliff 8-1

paulbohs - teh ninja - anantrocks - TruffleShuffleOrRiot 1-2-2-9
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