W90 Dream Teams


the term great skill was used 30 times in that post. wow.

just saw kirk was described as someone having greats kill which means the other 29 people that have been labeled as great skill, it does not mean a thing
yes mate, as it seems very odd on world 90, but if he's not on that specific position, he can be utilized well by having villages on safe zones.. :) and all of those in the list has great skills, some are specifics, some are generalized (but one cannot determined a player if he is skilled or not, sometimes the situation only dictates that a player isn't or is.

And also mate, I did not put kirk on the council position because I think what he really suits well is just a member instead of leading a tribe. But I respected that he leads his tribe up to now and has some great persistence and determination, but as it may seems, this still is my Dream Team.

If I were to put scenario's and situations that bias aren't involved, I am 100% sure my Dream Team can achieve victory on this world as #1 Top tribe. But again this is still my Dream Team. Hehe.

But anyway, thank you for your feedback, this is much appreciated. :)


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A dream team for a tribe would be great, but the tribe still has to have good chemistry between the members. Egos and jockeying for individual position may get in the way of tribe success. Besides it wouldn't be much fun if you don't get any good competition in terms of wars and individual battles.

I really don't know as many players on this world as others seem to and I struggle to pass judgment on other players unless I have personally seen them fight or heard great things about them from players I trust and respect. With that being said, here is my list:

L0V3R5 - one of the best accounts I have had the pleasure of playing with. Rock solid on any war front and smart in how they play.
Nwaro - Another great account with plenty of know-how and skill
Mezonis - He is a beast.
Purely Forgotten - Very active and good defenders especially
Subwind - From everything I have heard from others, this player is extremely knowledge and among the elite TW players
sweetmisery - Another elite account based on everything I have heard from many others
Comply or Die - solid and reliable
Sold Mom for PP - solid defender
Akeldama - Sound strategist
Tudador - Only if he didn't noble any barbs. Honestly never talked with him, but his reputation precedes him.

Other potentials that I have very limited knowledge of and therefore not sure how I feel about them:

Dread Doctors


I hvent had the chance to meet anybody outside of C9 so I cant say much here but I recognize some names. I miss Thar, Purp Pred and not sure if Dark Jordan still plays but they were awesome. I even miss Nauz


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Wow, someone actually listed me in something? Not gonna lie, bit surprising, especially since you listed me as having great skill when in actuality I've pretty much done nothing to show great skill :oops:

Seven Devils

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42. Seven Devils (met this player on this world, seems decent, great skill) has some issues from some people -> but if utitized well, maybe not on the frontlines but on the safe zone, can do many harms against enemies rather than good for his own
Go die in a hole please.




TreX will only join tribes that have room for all his merging partners


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Well gonna go and add players not only in this world - yeah I did it
-Sam - Will the real Sam please stand up Rathisam
-Chris smurth
-Deb - Sweetmisery
-Ben - Gogthedeciever

Prob a few more but these from the top of my head