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Discussion in 'World 94' started by Father Damien, Feb 4, 2018.

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    Alright i guess that's it then, the dream team, its a difficult decision to be honest and in no particular order,

    1, Sneaky Jesus

    There is so much i could say about this account, and Soc in particular in the later stages,These guys are gems, its rare to find an account like this and it has been a pleasure to play along side, they will go the extra mile to help always, the effort and commitment they put into this world is second to none they never once cared for personal gains an the tribe was always first.

    2, .Valkyrie.

    Nathan on the Valkyire account was pretty much a co player who had the account dumped on him,despite this and hes limited availability to play he did what was best for the tribe, he didn't try and force a front line he played a solid back-line account created mass of defenses and was always on hand to stack the front, send him a Skype message and he would spend hes work breaks organizing defenses,hes sit was always left for emergency's, need nukes for an op? He had no problem sending every last one out for nothing in return being 24 hours noble away, Accounts like this play a very vital underrated part of successful tribes.

    3, Symbiote

    Ill admit as i did to JT already, this account really did screw a few of us early on and i had every intentions of nobbling it off after it served it purpose,however after time Symboite really did prove to the tribe that they were team players and as well as being key front-line players for so long in the core they were a vital part in the daily social aspect of the tribe on Skype this is something else that people overlook in tribes, with no social interaction and common interest during the days, people in the tribe players often lose interest, when your sat up in late hours doing launches for an op having that social interactions helps motivate and keep people awake, JT- I Would happily play another world with you.

    4, Erotic Sloth
    5,Oberjarl is Awesome

    I'm going to group these two together , both of these accounts had less than ideal positions for the most part yet were constantly doing what they could to help in terms of defenses and looking to advance to the front lines, they took many sits for accounts under heavy fire when others or owners wouldn't/couldn't each player on the account were friendly,social and always willing,thank you guys.

    6, TickleMeElmo

    I Feel like this account was a hidden gem with in the tribe, while having one of the roughest spots in terms of availability to grow in a very hard northern front line they didn't lose interest or faith like many others they literally sniped every single request that went up in the forums that they could reach constantly stretching them self thin to help others , i also remember them sitting the stunner account and sniping every single noble sent during the op on Symbiote.

    7 ,varden76

    I Feel like Andy was in a similar situation to Nathan in terms of activity, these guys knew they were back line for the longest time and had inactivity periods and yet still constantly provided defenses stacking the north over and over, eventually evolving when necessary to pushing the limited front when he could,top job Andy.

    Honorary Mention here really with impact only over a short space but never the less goes to ShaggyD0g, aka Mintyfresh , this account was dead in the water and in real trouble bleeding villages left right and center i messaged Paul and he picked up this account with in hours with countless un-tagged nukes and nobles inbound and did exactly what was asked in just holding the front, successfully holding of two following ops with very little tribal assistance, had NN broken this account the north was wide open and it would of been a much different end game.





    I'm not going to go into too much detail here, i moved to world 94 with these guys when world 88 finished,with out them there were many difficult times where it would of been easy to just throw in the towel and not bother to log on we have been tested as a group and its been hard on us all, i've built real friendships with each of these account that extend beyond tribal wars its been an honor and pleasure to work together with you guy and girls.
    And to Rob a new addition this world on Funky, as much a we haven't always seen eye to eye you have always been trying your best and had good intentions,You were an asset to Funky and Vodka.

    It's kinda sad i don't think that there are any players from NN that deserve a worthy mention because every account i personally faced got steamrolled, perhaps in the north, Ericault and Jobless deserved honorable mentions these two were a real nuisance for the north but as i said i didn't personally face them so cant speak much, The Lady the Cleaner account gets half a shout out however after openly admitting to using VNP's to multi account you wonder how far the cheating went with some very suspect timings etc, so #sorrynotsorry.

    I Saw someone earlier mention aguiargon and hes high ODD/day rank being impressive, no it simply was not during the tribe op that basically resulted in multi accounts quitting and the end of NN 800 iirc nukes were dumped on the account in the north, with i don't think a single train send until hours after the nukes, purely as a distraction with no intention of realistically taking any villages it worked, he got catted down fairly hard too and after that basically disappeared.

    I'm not going to do a enjoyable player list, Instead i'm going to do a shit list.

    1, Superbad. , I'm not actually sure where to start with this account, Sean is a nice guy but hes account and leadership from what i saw was complete garbage. I'm not fully aware of the early world politics or fights Vodka faced but he must have done something right up until roughly the point where smart war ended. I Do believe the biggest downfall with this account is the co players it seems to pick up have to say Dan was probably the biggest tosser i've met on tribal wars and being on the duke account really wasn't good for anyone,

    Sean himself having limited play time however it ultimately falls onto him. Anyway, the account was none existent for the entirety of the war until it was all but over despite constant pleas, it just ate internal after internal as well as brown dots i lost count the amount of times i argued with Sean about seeing dozens and dozens of nukes sent to rim villages while being on an active war front but it was always a co player, being a massively back-line account and at one point something like 70% offence yet still not contributing nukes to the front, or having defense to stack anyone please say what?

    Leadership was none existent a cm sent every now and again asking for troops but no follow up, there was no stepping up when it matter and organizing defenses and ops,or even delegating someone to do it,co players constantly abused Duke privileges, yeah the accounts rank is a very poor reflection for what it has done this world.
    I'de play with you again Sean, But never in leadership position.

    2, Hells Toy Master

    Junk account, I Don't actually know what these guys did, they offered no support, and were totally inactive for the most part of the war ill admit, Jon seemed like a decant guy on the account and reasonable however Keith? Another tosser, i'm going to put a little extract here from a conversation had with the account when they wanted to noble barbs in Funky area 150 Hours away (Which we told Funky to kill nobles as they were unwanted and needed there and hadn't asked before barbing into anthers cluster.)

    [12:30:37 PM] Rav - Gnom: You're right. I could've messaged in game to you guys the moment I saw it. However, I didn't. I could've also told Funky to let them land and leave it be. Instead then I would be rewarding HTM account for lack of communication, and sending 150+ hr trains in another members cluster, a member who is currently top in war stats and is fighting daily. It is not fun to find a balance to keep everyone happy. In the end, it was not Funky's fault, it was mine. The move was not logical, at least not to that location. Had you wanted to move to a front this way and chatted with even Sean, I would've told you somewhere else, and probably could've prenobled and saved you the hassle of sending 12 nobles

    [12:50:10 PM] keith-HTM: you dont have the right to be logical i pay for this acc and my plans had nothing to do with you or anyone else i did not ask for help i dont need help and this south /north thing is bullshit

    I Mean yeah, I'm not sure Keith understands its a team game and its not as simple as i pay i do as i like, but i think its obvious from everything its a selfish account who is only interested in personal gains,i cant say i'm too surprised to be honest the account followed Superbad from 87 and seemed to adopt the same attitude.

    3, Varomnia.

    Still shady, account played two sides and i think even right up until the end if there was any chance Vodka wasn't gonna win they would of swapped right back in a heartbeat, they did provide information in terms of spying and i guess played this part well but its not a part of the game i particularly respect or enjoy, They didn't actually need to do anything in terms of in game play and made sure of that, i would not trust the account as far as i could throw it, or ever play with it again, does it deserve the win? Debatable

    4, sirsnoopy

    I Was unsure if this account would make this list or not but ultimately the account was fail when it mattered most, i'm not sure NN ever realized how close they were to breaking this account before it finally got set up right, the account was a mess, it was bleeding villages constantly and had no idea how to set up the front-line, i remember picking up the sit having all front line troops from the east stacking its west 6 hours away, some villages with 500k+ population stacks, yes i'm not exaggerating there either, one of the co players would be online and "Trying there best" but i think they just tagged and watched in-comings? They didn't actually react until they saw a"red" nuke even tho there watchtower coverage was horrid, A Sitter would sort the account and leave notes only for everything to be undone and in a mess for the next sit. It basically needed someone to sit it ,the account ended up sitting with a 10+ nuke stack in every village inside 6 hours noble in order to hold it causing massive strain,yeah a bad account, should of offered up there front line long ago.

    5, Lord Voldemort
    6, ,Lions Can Fly

    I'm just disappointed here more than anything,good guys but long term sits with constant promises of returning that never happened, probably don't deserve a final rooster spot but both offered up to be internaled so they get it which is fair.

    7-?? All of the Chosen bar maybe 1-2 if i look hard enough? that joined.

    Merging Chosen was the wrong move, sure a few helped but on the whole the did next to nothing we merged these guys because basically we couldn't be arsed to drag the world on for another 3 months and they hadn't ever shown any signs or intents of aggression were not enemys, with Rob from Funky being personal friends with a fair few we were comfortable with them behind us and they were happy eating barbs. But lets be honest to they deserve a world win, That's a big fat NO.

    To the players i haven't mentioned you did you bit in my eyes, this is all my own personal opinions and reflects nothing of Vodka leadership or Rav also on Gnomlandsecurity.

    Forever causing controversy, and saying it how i think it is.

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    <3 the history between the Varomnia. account and world 94 was a fun one. I co played the account about a week before we left NN and joined Vodka. I don't personally believe we did nothing and no work because we did. We worked a lot with Funky in k66 and controlled it. I don't know you as a player just as a circular mailer. I enjoyed the world from my time on there and hope to carry on 99 to another vodka win.
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    Please don't make a correlation between w94 and w99 as those two Vodkas are entirely different.
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    my badddddddd :)
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    My top 10 (all world not just players left now) in no particular order.

    Funkybunny2004: Solid account that held top war stats for most of the Vodka NN war. Clearly the MVP of this world.
    Sneaky Jesus: This account brought home the early and mid game for Vodka in a way no other account did. No matter what happened this account was always one step above the rest.
    Graf Gonzo: This account was my mate through the whole world. We were neighbours and allies the whole way through. There's no one I'd rather work with than the guys on this account.
    Jobless: All world this account has been trudging away in the middle of a war holding strong. Very good effort on their part surviving for so long and keeping things together.
    Lady the cleaner: I don't know about the allegations mentioned by Varika. All I know is that while fighting this account they were a rock that required constant grinding to noble off. Definitely an account you want on your side.
    Symbiote: While JT and Teyla were on this account they were always a good account slowly trudging forward from their initial position being surrounded.
    The hound: If these guys hadn't quit after Smart we would've finished NN months earlier.
    The Four Llamas: The crew they had on this account was a beast. Between them and the hound they were the wrecking ball driving the Smart v NN war. I believe very strongly the loss of these two accounts is the reason that NN was able to survive so long.
    The Floating Terror: Janne and shaggy are fun and they held their ground. Always a good addition to any tribe.
    Stunner: Beast account not afraid to send all their nukes out if it will benefit the tribe.
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    Thank you! :) it was a great time playing with you! I respected your account the most out of NN. Its a shame i had to quit because i deployed in January, i got back awhile ago and look forward to seeing everyone again. I just started w105 if anyone is over there :D
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