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Still clueless if we where the best statpadders we would of course had one ODD so your clearly a better statpadder then we are, I bow to the master.
ODD isnt the only ranking that can be stat padded..facepalm.

The Ripple Effect

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us asians love swapping flags; regardless about however i feel about the dhm account, thanks for allowing my account to gather the flags whenever we needed them.

Roket Rakun

Why everybody is talking of their stats and others padding? All these comparison means nothing without mentioning the real turning points and key elements of this world.

Valour held his ground quite well against all opponents, alpha helped the southern team stay alive in all the pressure. If south was destroyed, there was no chance of creati world win.

It should be mentioned that valour held still because kul decided not to attack them for a certain time and turned his vision on a different land to move on. Every aspect of the war changed in that act. South turned from defense to offense while kul acc took all the pressure which was upon valour and his buddies with tribal aids.

As we know toka quit, and we can see the nonesence fight about the OD’s here, there should be an element that kept tribe together which I think is related to jorge and alpha’s wisdom over things, and toka’s self-sacrifice.

All hail brave warriors of this world.
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That moment when Jack from Valour suddenly pms you on skype and it turns out his acc is hacked. :( Rip Valour.

Edit; i do mean skype account.


Yeah lol. His skype is hacked.

Why do you have him in your skype tho? Was he spying for you? :eek:

Lex Flex

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01). Best all-round player: now not gonna be super cocky and put ourselves even though I feel that we would easily fit the title. Also I think samuel4699 needs a good amount of recognition and is probably the only other account on this world that I can see as being a fit for this title. Sammy is a big team player, constantly sitting multiple fronts, and planning for his tribe. An outstanding effort truly.

02). Best attacker: i would say alpha is very good when it comes to participating in ops and puts a lot of attention to detail into the order in which their nukes land, flags, etc. Little details majority of us look over or are too lazy to put in the minimal extra effort. So easily fits this category and deserves their rank 1 AOTD.

03). Best defender: this will always be zoomela in my mind

04). Best strategic player: Heywood, when active and efforting rules strategy.

05). Best player that got rimmed: zoom </3

06). Biggest Barb taker: well we all know its unluck3y 

07). Best tribe: Creati4lyfe

08). Runner-up Tribe: khan

09). The most enjoyable player to piss off: Thomas 

10). The player you never want to piss off: thom. Believe me, as his co, I fear for the people he rants to me about

11). Best team (group of players): Creati south I feel is the best team unit. North makes great moves together as well but I feel north more works independently and times together at times. All in all though, when it comes to hashing things out as a group, south is very good at working together constantly.

12). Funniest player: stewww

13). Best war: creati vs IL

14). Who would you most like to meet?: this is a difficult one. Probably my co. So we could complain about you lot over drinks as opposed to over text.

15). Who's computer would you most like to break?: no ones, that's just rude. Dont be rude!

16). Most overrated player: shitwi

17). Most improved player: sammyboi with my training 

18). Most annoying player(s): my lil bro, easily. Lovable but super annoying

19). Luckiest player: valour, for paul their savior

20). Best alliance: IL-the people they claimed they'd never ally, hang.

21). Best farmer: war peace

22). Best mail: meh, had some nice banter with jacob in mail. All that comes to mind.

23). Most dramatic: pack

24). Most paranoid: probably shaun, it's the annoying part

25). Most underhanded: Dunno

26). Most loyal: sammy boi

27). Greatest spy: No spies are great.

28). Biggest Stat padder: chitwi

29). Best leader: thom and his "do it yourself" attitude towards problems

30). Worst leader: ronnie

31). Best team player: raia definitely deserves this one. Never has anyone so openly done anything I've asked for help with and so happily. She is the most genuine person.

32). Worst team player: old osva crew, was amazing how many nukes were suddenly available for ops when players changed.

33). Laziest player: jason during ops.

Wanted to thank you all in the recent posts for the love <3 warmed my itty bitty heart.
Thought i'd find something interesting remembering the fact that i used to play on net once upon a time... and i did!

Miss you Laura <3