Wanted; Co player from outside EU.

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Hey folks. I've been playing on the .NL server for years now, we have a team we play with on one world at a time. Currently playing top 10 on the newest Classic, we usually aim for a top 10 account and a top 2 tribe. We have wonup to 15/20 world combined on the team and know all the stages of the game.

We have been looking for a night time player lately, wich are hard to find in NL/Belgium. So i wondered if there might be someone with a diffrent time schedual intressed in playing with is. Like i explained it might be fun for new players aswell, we can teach u lot if needed.

On .NL katapults are a no go, we play no haul most often and the current world were playing is a full second world.

Add me on discord for more info if needed :). Val.#3903


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Soooooo you need someone with a UK timezone.