chivalrous knight

The knight look on as his troops round up the remnants of the enemy troops, and conquering whatever empty fortresses lay above hill... it was not a difficult task, giving that it was a joint operation with allies leading the main charge.

It was a horrible fights though , with heavy casualties on both sides....but the enemy suffering the worst ,and close to total annihilation.

"My Lord, there is still a small band of enemies retreating to the south, shall we pursue? It should be an easy kill as the enemies are demoralised and few in troops..we might even follow them back to their remaining citadels and conquer some easy fortresses" ask one of the knight's faithful captain

"Nay...Let them ran back to their overlords and report what had happen, hopefully they will come back to retrieve the fallen bodies of their general and comrades, for this small band of soldiers is what left of the fallen general of our enemy, if we annihilate them, there wont be anyone left from his/her household to tell the story and the past of the fallen lord, i am sure the fallen general was once a great leader, giving that he/she is able to withstand the overwhelming odds from us thus long... His/her legacy deserve to be record in detail, and he/she deserve to be grant a proper burial. As we may not give the fallen enemies a proper burial during War time...it is hope that those remnants will be able to bring forward the news so that their own people will come to tender the fallen of their own" reply the knight expressionless , although with a sense of pity from his tone...

"Hmmmm... what a tragic end that shall befall to anyone of us one day, no matter how great we once were. In the time of war, no matter how courageous and outstanding we were , it is always sadden us to think of a possibility of becoming one of the Nameless soul in the battle field" with that thought, the knight signal his loyal followers to gather up and ready to return home...leaving only vultures to encircle the tainted battle field from above.


meanwhile in some dusty two-bit sleazy Saloon somewhere in the baking Southlands there was a mighty rythmic snore...

(To be continued - perhaps with even some Dramatic mumblings...)