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Approved ticket nr. #T13701675 at 2020-02-21 19:56:29

Hey everyone

This is the one a lot of you have been waiting for, a new and efficient warehouse balancer script ^^

What it does:
1) will attempt to balance your res across your current group of villages. Just make dynamic or manual groups if you deal with large gaps in between clusters to make the script even more efficient. Prioritises the smallest villages in points first. Really helps to build out those newly capped villages fast!
2) Adjustable priorities: Set which villages (till a certain point range) should receive extra resources, and from which point a village is considered 'finished', and should keep less resources in reserve. Completely adjustable how much % should be left behind, or should be stocked extra.
3) Accounts for already incoming resources to each village. This way you have an actual idea how much total res is going around between all villages, so the averages are way more accurate, the balancing will be more accurate, and it will also prevent overflowing warehouses. Even if there are more resources incoming to a village than its warehouse can handle, the script will attempt to offload as much res as necessary to keep you from overflowing.
4) IT ISNT IRRITATING TO USE, NO LONGER NEED A MILLION TABS! Just click the individual launches, or hold down ENTER!
5) Works on mobile





(Instructions: The settings can be adjusted before or during it is inside your quickbar.

highFarm = from which village population usage a village is considered 'finished', and will try to offload resources to villages that need it more.
lowPoints = anything below this point value is considered a small village, and the script will prioritize filling these up.
builtOutPercentage = percentage of WH capacity (in the example 25%) should be only kept in fully built villages.
needsMorePercentage = percentage of WH capacity (in the example 85%) should be stored in villages that need help growing still. This same percentage will be used if the average of all your resources is higher than your current WH capacity in that village to prevent an overflow. Don't put this percentage too high, you got to account for runtime of the merchants and the natural resource gain for pits as well. 85% is a pretty good spot.



feedback always welcome in the comments :) or on my skype/discord, in my signature

- Sophie

- Problems with university villages, since they don't have merchants and the warehouse capacity is insane. If you have a university village, you can fix this by making a group excluding it for now.
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.Ichigo Kurosaki.

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Script doesn't seem to be working for me anymore, seems to call but that's all it does

Edit: suddenly started working after not working for an hour


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@Shinko to Kuma

Script is not working for me. It didn't show new conquered villages. I tried adding them to the group + 2 big villages and nothing. Also tried with Ignore settings and nothing. With all villages it is showing every village but not new one...

.Ichigo Kurosaki.

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@Shinko to Kuma love the script, it does work but notice the website hosting it sometimes disconnect which makes it un-usable at certain times. I'll monitor the down moments and give you a list of times the site wasn't accessible. Maybe it's something you can look into.

Also curious if it's possible to give a max distance on balancing. Since I don't want my merchants to be gone for 4 hours.

.Ichigo Kurosaki.

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Does word for me right now
Script host unreachable (t 06:44:00 servertime)
This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

Checking the connection

Dr Chase

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Your (amazing) scripts recently stopped working, and the site is now saying connection is not private :oops:

Andy Pandy

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Script does not work all I get when trying is

Page not found (404)​

You may have followed an old link, typed in the address incorrectly, or are just trying to make us feel bad.