We Are Protected, Are You?


Still Going Strong
welcomes world 49,
and all the players in it.


We are the l33t tribe in k54 we are no premade just a couple of freinds who want to keep HIV's and Babies out of w49. if you want to be apart of this group than messagage me ingame [bludnut]. I am the founder of this tribe as well as [player]captain spicy weener[/player], [player]phenes[/player] and, [player]Mountaindew25[/player]. we all our experienced players dating back to origanal worlds. We decided to form a tribe in k54 for some good old fashion fun and whatnot. this is our first time leading a tribe together but not our first itme ever leading tribes. we only exept players who are active and use skype.

MEMBER limit:40
RECRUITMENT: looking for active members with experience and willing to have some fun :] only l33ts exepted.​
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Nice to see someone else making a tribe from scratch when the world begins and not trying to elite it up before opening occurs. I wish you luck in this. :)


Bludnut, I would wish you luck but you haven't been giving me my blackup in guess who will post next thread :(


Hey, I started out on world 8, Have been playing for nearly 3 years, and Think I could be a great eddition to your tribe.

The only problem is that I'm in K36....Is that a problem? xD


I just noticed that my spelling of the word "Edition" was completely off...(And probably still is.)


Fishdish5 said:
The only problem is that I'm in K36....Is that a problem? xD
lol ... just a bit :p

erm ... we have 15 members and all are in K54 ... sooooo

make your own assumptions ...

and it should be addition ... not edition :p