We don't care


Poor form for a duke. If not sorry for the judgement.

Just seems every hot member has been talking big, and from what I've heard had been a large family on most worlds (feel free tocorrectme if you have the evidence other than spoken word).


I was never a part of HOT on any world until i returned to the game, I joined HOT on 62 as my former duke from world 8 was there (DTATDM) I asked him to arrange a tribe for another world so we could play in the core as i do not like playing on the rim. He was enjoying 62 and said there wasn't enough people about anymore, I followed the HOT leadership to 64 to play in a core tribe.

A vote was held for the whole tribe on a new branch, I voted against the branch, the vote turned out that more voted against than for. However HOT-E was opened. I said ok i'll role with it i'll help set it up.

More and more talk was happening about being a family as Sombra(leader of Fusion/FF1) was a former meber of HOT from world 2, I said I want nothing to do with a family tribe I can accept 2 branches who are located in different directions. Things got put on the back burner but knew the subject would come up again, I informed DTA of my interest to start my own tribe in the future and was displeased with the talk of family coming up over and over again.

Anyway CoVa comes back from one of his long breaks and tells us that he has 3 tribes ready to become part of the family :/ Council were asked to vote, I did not comment on the thread, a day later he messaged me and asked what my opinion was, I told him I would not vote. The reason I did not vote was because I knew what the decision was going to be. The council was split down the middle quite obviously, DTA and I on one side and Cadence/CoVa on the other.

Long story short, an inactive duke made bad decisions and we let him.

Edit: One thing I will add is how impressed I am with Cadence as a duke, however he is stuck in 2006 with the whole family mentality that was world 2. CoVa(Collosus) just wasn't around, he just popped in to make decisions and gave out orders.
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Side 1:
Tribes: Care?
Side 2:

Timeframe: Last 48 hours

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 7
Side 2: 1
Difference: 6

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 50,587
Side 2: 7,700
Difference: 42,887

Family tribes, proven to be useless again...


Meh HOT failed the moment it became a family tribe, I said it would but CoVa ignored my advice. I said i would follow orders and do right by HOT until I was ready to move on or was rimmed. Funnily enough they have both came at the same time :p Btw I haven't been on since last Thursday after i did a 24 hour speed, had a sitter since then, when I found out on Skype what was happening I was not surprised.

DTA drop me a message bro.
ViRuS HOT has allways failed .. LOL

And Speed Yea you failed at that to i saw



The tribe Holy Order of Truth - Fusion (disbanded) was defeated.

Awh, that's cute.


Clinging onto luck you had in w2 when the game was in its infancy....


Chaos HOT|99 28th February 2008 - 08:06:19 13,330

Check my profile I HOT was my 1st tribe :O ! And yes they do fail ..

<33333333333333333333333333333333 YOU GUYS HOT RULES I FORGOT ! I DO CARE NOW :(
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Go have a look at ZEF's conquers over the last couple of Days. On phone or I'd be less lazy.


Again. Still not an excuse.

Id argue that HOT as a tribe (and it's family) were not capable at putting in the required effort to stop what had happened. HOTs finished. And that should be enough evidence to say otherwise.

If you could manage the effort then why did you not?