We need more nobles!

Discussion in 'World 30' started by WildCats, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. WildCats

    WildCats Guest

    Good afternoon/evening/morning/night players of W30,

    I'd like to start a petition for half price nobles. Players on W30 are starting to loose interest on this world. Other tribes are even making plans to move to other worlds. We need this world to end so we can all move to another world.

    Admin, what can we do to receive half price nobles (or lower)?

    Co-Duke of BH
  2. Mick876

    Mick876 Contributing Poster

    Feb 21, 2008
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    I believe to become eligible for half price nobles the world needs to have under 1000 players and because W30 currently has 4,821 players. We are far away from getting half price nobles.
  3. BelValcor

    BelValcor Guest

    It's your fault Mick.
    People know you are here and join to flood your account with buddy requests. :icon_biggrin:
  4. r2d3

    r2d3 Contributing Poster

    Sep 12, 2009
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    An observation:

    Top 40 tribes have a total of : 836 players

    Top 60 tribes (20 last ones vary from 162.000 pts to 42.000 pts) have a total of : 1062 players

    Top 80 tribes (20 last ones almost same variation as previous) have a total of : 1255 players

    I think a reduction in coin cost should be quickly put in effect, so as to keep this world being a bit more interesting as it currently is. The threshold of 1000 players, set by the admin simply does not make any sense anymore.

    I offer the admin my account to play for one week to see that what wildcats have posted above, is 100% true.

    This world needs lower priced nobles for the remaining tribes to be able to move closer to eachother and fight, or it will soon die.

    robot out :xmas frown:
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2010
  5. BelValcor

    BelValcor Guest

    I had heard about this but thought the number was lower.
    So basically we are held hostage by around 4400 players that have only a few villages?

    New players to TW join an older world and have no chance really.. why is there not a warning right before a player joins?
    "This is an older world so be aware that you will have a hard time getting any fun from it. Please consider one of the 5 newest worlds."

    So close the world already.

    Or might I be so bold as to suggest all the major tribes make it a priority to cat small players into deletion.
    I don't see how this makes the game any fun for new players to TW but given the situation what are we to do?
  6. Pajuno

    Pajuno Contributing Poster

    Jul 21, 2007
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    Soon as i seen R2's numbers, i thought that immediately. I have done it myself a few times for people that refused to leave my areas...

    As for half priced nobles.. isnt there a way to vote for it? Like majority of major tribes' dukes voting? It just makes sense to have them. everyone is using nukes/defense lately, and minting is hard.. but we are still taking new villages. The time has come to vote, no?

    Lack of nobles is the only thing saving quite a bit of ram...

    BONHEUR Guest

    yea..i would like half priced nobles..so many barbs and only few nobles...yaoooo...
  8. I'm already bored and I'm barely 3m
  9. WildCats

    WildCats Guest

    I really like Bel's idea of letting new players know that this word is old. I mean what can a 1 village player do here beside supporting a bigger tribe with it's Paladin weapon (A.K.A. cheap shot) ?
  10. parmenion

    parmenion Guest

    Perhaps someone in a moderator capacity can advise how we go about putting half price nobles to a popular vote to the players of w30.

    I certainly could use them :p
  11. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest

    I vote for half priced nobles for everyone other than Parmenion. He would still be #1 next year. :lol:
  12. :lol:yeah lol how about for the smaller tribes so we can kill off these little people sooner and then everyone else gets it say ummm rank 8 and below gets it? lol:icon_razz:
  13. MR.MR

    MR.MR Contributing Poster

    Feb 19, 2009
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    I will look into it.
  14. silvereclipes

    silvereclipes Contributing Poster

    May 17, 2008
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    an close the dang world for god sakes it would help keeping others from joining even i am starting to wonder whats up with no half price nobles at this time.
  15. calarasi.

    calarasi. Guest

    Im for an increase in noble price :)
    I have lots of nobles right now.
    Peoples should stop noble barbies and farm more often like ME :)
  16. theshearjoy

    theshearjoy Guest

    id love half price nobles as its expensive and is slowing the game right down this world would explode with more activity and make it more exciting indeed 674 coins for 1 village is stupid and 1000+ for the bogger guys is simply a bit dumb a coin a day just doesnt cut it even if it was just for a month so folk could stock up or something
  17. schietstoel

    schietstoel Non-stop Poster

    Oct 18, 2009
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    @ 30.09.2010 we had 2,650 players left.
    @ 19.11.2010 we had 3,600 players left.

    So i would like to know if we can close this world cuz this is not helping the end game fase..
  18. si113

    si113 Guest

    we should close the world to new players.

    When calculating whether to cut price the nobles, which seems to be determined by how many active players are left in the world, I suggest we ignore all players less than 12.5k points (ie all players with only 1 village, or players with multiple but not fully developed vilages). My reasoning is that players that have 1 village are no longer in a position to play any significant part in W30 developments. Once these are factored out of the calculation, if the remaining numbers of players dips below 1000, then noble prices ought to be reduced.
  19. 50 Calibre

    50 Calibre Guest

    I also agree with the half price nobles and I hope with the majority of players posting here, it could happen. That is the only way this world will move along on a course of victory to any one tribe.

    BONHEUR Guest

    when we will know about nobles?
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