We need more nobles!

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Perhaps turning off moral will get the world quickly down to 1000 players.


I concur ...... this world definitely needs half priced nobles to jump start it !


I agree, with other rumours floating around about techniques being used, the world should be closed and then nobles ruduced at least (Half price! Half price!)

Wild for President!


I would like to see half price nobles also and the world closed I don't see how anyone joining this world this late can accomplish anything of value in it. Some are joining just to say that they played on the world but it is too late for that.

celtic warroir

You want it because your mass attacking my k 22 cluster lol:) but I have to Agree I'm tired of people joining and being nooks and tools.


Note 1: remember to search small accounts in late worlds to prevent them from getting low price nobles :)
Note 2: buy coffe and food for cats.


I am sorry to inform you all, but I got an official answer about this request.

A poll will only be started once the player count on TW Stats dips below 1000. The next batch of world closures should happen shortly.

So, plan A is:

a. We wait for the world to close
b. We blast/cat all small account players to oblivion :icon_razz:
c. We vote for half priced nobles
d. We get half priced nobles
e. We blast eachother
f. Some of us get to end this world around 2014-5

Plan B:

We join W54

Plan C:

Both of the above

Plan D:


Anyone coming up with a "plan", post accordingly.

I will wait till Xmas anyway... :xmas biggrin:

Apathetic h0llygh0st

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Guys making a thread in the forum isn't the right course of action. Direct your complaints/Demands directly to the admin rather then making it in this forum.

I personally disagree with most of you as the world isn't full yet and the increase in players only shows that it still has potential, perhaps a few new rimtribes will arise which will with a bit of luck and perhaps even help from the older tribes cause a new influx of skilled players to get rid of the boredom.

This is a speed 1 world and it can go on for years more then this. Just look at W1...
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