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I don't know if this was asked before but here goes.

I was wondering if instead of an -25 to 25 luck factor, we can throw in this following random factor or use it as one of the world settings where we suggest the luck factor or the weather factor
On tuesday/thurs/sat server time 00:00 to 23:59, we get one of the 5 following weather effects (20% chance each)

Sunny: 30% resource production, -10% offensive and defensive power for the day.
Windy: 50% mobility and 20% haul capacity boost, -5% resource production for the day.
Rain: -50% offensive combat, +50% defensive combat for the day.
Thunderstorm: 50% offensive combat, -50% defensive combat for the day.
Cloudy: -10% resource production, 25% offensive and defensive combat for the day.

This sort of adds in the random factor function and allows people to plan out more thoroughly on when to attack and when to defend, and how to build around their villages and formulate more strategies. I know it's not a perfect solution but having this kind of implementation makes us rely more on tactics instead of the usual current meta.

Numbers are subject to change, and I welcome any constructive criticism or different implementations.


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I voted for No on this one. The reason behind this vote is because I want to play a game, I don't want to have an excel sheet all the time in front of my eyes to calculate the perfect times to launch/land attacks based on the multiple factors that affect this decision on when to send an attack.

There is already a time based bonus built-in in-game called night bonus, which does kind of what you want to have, time based strategy. I remember the old days when I played on night bonus worlds (at that time the night bonus was fixed at 00:00 up to 08:00 on the UK market) we all timed attacks to land at 23:59 or as near to that as possible. Can't say we did not have fun at that time, it was fun ... but what if we have night bonus, then this buffs from flags, then buffs from inventory items, then buffs from paladins, then these other time based buffs ... the more factors there are, the more work it needs to play the game and be successful at it. I want to play the game and enjoy it.

I like the suggestion but I'm afraid that this suggestion would make the game less enjoyable and would increase amount of work needed to play the game (making it look like a job).


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I agree with RedAlert. The suggestion sounds interesting, but ultimately would make the game more work to reach the same level of play you are at now; and I feel the game should go in the opposite direction.

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Too confusing and makes it completely unbalanced. I would love to see non luck worlds or something like that though, and always make attacks on speeds and classic rounds luck 0 because sometimes you get screwed over your opponent having a ridiculously good luck or you having a really bad luck.

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I voted yes because it would change the game balance in interesting ways, and upset the current status quo.