Weldone :)


I don't know if anyone remember me but Imo Jelly70 ?
Old duke of NATO, APO* etc

But i'd like to congratulate SubV for being successful in W25, Makes me wonder though if INH and subV never merged, Who would of won that war?


I remember you Jelly, Hows life after Tribal wars?
We still have some work in W25 to finish it up... but it wont be long now

PS: sorry for taking your last village..... but I had to .


Yeah i disbanded one of my tribes that lasted 2 months on W59 but we were getting surrounded by the top 5 and we were already in a war so i couldn't do much but disband it tbh.
Yeah i seen you had taken it haha but tbh i'm glad you did because i know you'd play the game correctly.
i'm on other worlds aswel but just check TWstats for that shite haha :)