Just a quick note on Paolo my real life bro. Somehow he managed to run that tribe with a newborn baby up to him being 6 months old.

I tried to return but failed hard as i can't access TW in the day.

Hats off to my bro for putting up a stand to Clear! And a belated congrats from myself for their success on this world.

Whilst I always considered myself an enemy...sadly they have very good players and are worthy winners.


9 months bro, 9 months :D

Sorry bro. Bad uncle Ste :(

And FFE. I've been watching since I stopped being able to play in Nov 09. I tried to pick up a (broken) account and take on logboss and a couple of others in your tribe. I failed horribly. I felt then that Paolo was basically on his tod with Mike.

I don't regret pushing Nomad to the Shadow family as we had a good fight then. But I regret not turning on BUL now and taking advantage of those inactive accounts...pushing up the west and then having a good war at the end. Not that I would have been able to have performed...but that would have been far wiser with the turks holding the centre.

I guess this is a learning curve. First world for me and paolo. Hopefully see you guys in the future. I'd love to play alongside many of you.