Wesgan vs. The World!


Obviously we can go back and forth, but everyone has different opinions/views on things. To me, you are simply reading too much into it, complicating a simple and straight forward post, in order to throw a little punch at the poster, could be that you like DiTM, obviously I reply because I am in Mavs corner :icon_wink:

I think we both are to be perfectly honest :lol:

anyways onto the over reading of each others comments :icon_razz:

Will use your way of counter posting here.

You are implying that he was implying that he nobles more than any player can, hence implying that he is making himself look like a 'great' player, when in fact he was obviously comparing himself to DiTM, and we all know standards aren't set high there .. But in fact his post was a comparison to DiTM, not world 33.

Ok...to be fair here I was using a bit of sarcasm...hence the ":icon_wink:" however I can see where it could be taken in a different context....tbh seems like your reaching for straws here to fit your argument. :)

He commented on DiTM's conquers, as it was a comparison in activity in war, or progress as you may prefer, reinforcing his point of what DiTM has done that is impacting on Detox/Hawks/TW so badly, not a comparison of Mav's conquers compared to any other world 33 player.

He adds the part of our 'smaller' players nobling more than DiTM, yet again, as a sign of progress/activity in the war compared to DiTM.

my only issue is if the statement above is true then why did he say this...

Oh 51 conquers in 3 months :L

I got more than that in a month .

sure sounds like comparison of conquers to me to me :icon_eek:

I understand your view on conquers, but even you have posted stats of conquers. Are you going to say that they don't count to anything? Stats of enemy conquers are useless, they don't show who the winning side is? Or even the 'better' side? In comparison to players, same thing can be applied - If I have 200 Legion conquers, and you have 100, yet we are both covering a front, doesn't that make me slightly, if not alot better than you? - Taking into account that both DiTM and Mav are similarly active, and do not have a greater difference in size.

I never said they don't count for anything...however like any information they can be slanted or even represented in such a way by the manipulation of stats that an accurate picture is all but impossible to find. Plus stats are just are like taking a few snapshot pictures to capture an entire movie. You can get a general idea with enough stats but even then you won't get even close to the whole picture.

for example to counter point your argument you simply state you have 200 legion counters and I have 100 and we are both in a front...what you don't take into account is what about how active the players are around you. for example if your hitting an inactive that really doesn't make you very skilled that just means you can clear a bvialleg and send 1 minute trains at it. however If I was next to a very active player that was staked and took 100 off and had timed nukes and nobles to land in the same second in order to keep my villages with support seconds after...I think that makes me a better player.

Then of course there are the factors such as who you have around you...how much help you have...what is the response levels to op planning. Then of course there is the time spent if said person is leadership and is busy running a tribe or even diplomacy. There are simply to many facts to take into account on whether or not a player is skilled or not that stats are woefully inadequate at providing an even remote representation of a players skill level. Are they a factor...absolutely...but they are in my eyes...only one of many factors.


actually, he gained points in those 2 operations.

as for me, all I can say.. 3 of those continents are current frontlines, 3 are former frontlines.

ok believe what you want i must have been mistaken when i saw the red list of lost tribalwar villages :icon_neutral: yes he recapped some well done to him but not all :icon_neutral:


'Originally Posted by richard 2610
Also Drunk you may want to do something about your K dominance on your profile . Because im beating you .'

'K dominance is based on what....points within a K. And you get more points within a K by nobling villages. and here he makes a direct comparison with himself and Drunk based upon his K dominance. basically inferring that he's a better player then drunk because his K dominance is higher. (however this is more of a jab to tease drunk then any real comparison in skill levels...that is made in his next comment here...'

LOL Read the facts mate I was talking to Drunk about his profile . In which he was saying how many Ks he is in I was doing a nice joke ;) Lighten up these forums . Do I care about nobling these clusters :icon_neutral: no not really . I care about defending my clusters and nobling the enemy . Then again faramir you havent done much of the latter.

Also about conquers did i mention anywhere I was better than drunk :icon_neutral: no Your makign facts up using falsified evidence your brain thinks it implies .
No what I was implying was instead of drunk mouthing on here maybe he should noble a few 100 of his enemy then maybe hel have the time to mouth of here . Same goes for you :icon_wink: The talkings done ingame . Atm , Legion are coming back fighting strong mainly due to some actions of a few particular players . Neither being drunk or the player in question in this thread Wesgan .

Then again Faramir where did i say our 1 million players were rubbish :icon_eek: Was again making up facts right in front of you . Your good at this arnt you :icon_redface:

What i am implying is players 10times bigger with 10times the amount of villages should be able to gain more conquers than players 10 times smaller than them .

Should . Not will and it has nothing to do with skill .

Also go on Faramir Il let you pull out the biggest fact when you compare me to drunk and show me what enemy conquers he has done in the last 3 months . Oh wait it was 50 :icon_redface:. Id like to see yours faramir :icon_wink:


in here it's more...fun i guess. getting a bit tedious in TW nowadays...

Also just to be perfectly clear and honest with everyone...my nobling record sucks :icon_razz:...last i looked thanks to the courteous and generous labors of one of our tribe mates...last I checked I was down just over 150 villages. possibly even up to 200 now...no idea really...

either way...like everyone else know...i don't care to much about stats..nor do I care much for the opinion of others about me nor do i care if anyone else care about my opinion of them. all I ask and want is the answer that is the closest possible to the truth. but then again thats me.


during the first IFY op.. in Who? IFY gained ~12000 points the day of the landings... we all laughed about it.
During the 2nd IFY op, in LEGION, IFY lost about 100 points on one day, but over the week he made significantly more.
the 3rd one, there was no IFY playing.

And, also.. my conquers have been against active players, so have some of yours. but as for the rest of your "mates"....


IFY had more than 3 ops on him im sorry the guy had loads hence the massive ODD .

Maybe some big nuke skirmishes .

Anyway . Yes you have big boots to fill now in the frontline good luck :) .

Also pretty sure some of my mates are still beating legion discluding my mates in hawks or even TW ;)


there were only 3 major planned, coordinated ops since who? formed. he did constantly have heaps of incomings but mostly uncoordinated. hence the ODD.

We'd need Shaquille O'Neill to fill those boots!
(sorry, lame joke)


I believe that the love has ceased and is not non-existent for wesgan... although if there ever was any "love" for wesgan I failed to ever see it. :icon_confused:


Me too . Its was just one op on him and got a bit overblown they felt the need to find a new IFY . :)

trawling through wesgans losses the best ones this

Mines was my friend! 20 (611|625) K66 9,211 wesgan [LEGION] Mines Long12 [DETOX] 2010-10-18 16:11:05
Mines was my friend! 02 (614|626) K66 9,286 wesgan [LEGION] Mines Long12 [DETOX] 2010-10-18 16:11:05
Mines second gear 01 (612|627) K66 9,227 wesgan [LEGION] Mines Long12 [DETOX] 2010-10-18 16:11:04
Mines was my friend! 15 (613|626) K66 9,287 wesgan [LEGION] Mines Long12 [DETOX] 2010-10-18 16:11:03

Still another 5 taken in the same minute but that one was the most impressive .

Here's his stats;

Side 1:
Players: wesgan
Side 2:

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 171
Side 2: 206
Difference: 35


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1,286,545
Side 2: 1,522,564
Difference: 236,019


Basically taken his conquers back from the ones he lost at the op