What continent will have the most "experienced" tribes or ppl?


Sorry for making the post but, what "K" is going to be the most competitive? in terms of players and premades?

dont say sw, se, nw etc, say like K55, or K44 , or K56 etc. i really whant to join a competitive one, and im shure alot ppl whant too so i hope this will help.


Depends on when you're refering to. Pretty much the core K is generally the most competitive early on and for the first several months of the world until one or two tribes own most of it. Then the "rim" in terms of K's around the core generally butt heads with the guys in the core. Either the guys on the rim win or the guys in the core win. Either way that just keeps on happening. So to answer your question the core is going to be the most competitive in my opinion.


I think he was asking in an attempt to avoid (or start in) the most experienced K in the core. He wasn't asking about 0-100.

Evil Mod

Continent 44/45 are the only 2 K's that always has the most experienced players located at.

Samantha Carter

Severall nice premades ended up SE..., it was fun.

Map from w47 premades in spoiler :

ONe sHO3 pR1EsT

I have played core. Rum.core. rim. Outer rim. Doesn't matter. Its all in pockets.