what country am I?


Since the w33 forums are pretty much dead, I thought I'd start a new game for you guys to play. Nope, the game is not sarcasm this time, it's just a game :icon_razz:

So I will basically be thinking of a country in my head and you guys need to guess what it is. Every day, I will introduce 1 clue, to help guide you in which direction to guess. If a week passes and noone figures out what the country is (not likely tho), I'll just tell you what the country is and move on to a new one, o/w as soon as the country is named, one point will be added to the person who named it, and a new country will be up for guessing. If you guys like the game, I'll try to keep this going as long as I can, if not, thread dies :(

so here are a few rules to make things fair:

1. each person gets one guess per day, if you reply more than once, only your first post of the day will be taken under consideration, the rest will be ignored (I will not say if your other posts are right or wrong)
1a. if you reply but do not guess then it's fine to reply again but watch out for rule #2

2. no editing of posts, under any circumstances! if you edit a post (your first reply of the day), you will be disqualified for that day and your further posts for that day will not be counted.

3. only the first person to correctly guess the country will recieve a point.

4. I will look at your answers once per day, this means you will not be told if your guess was right or wrong until it's time for me to give the next clue.

5. I will add to these rules, whichever way I'd like and you don't get to b!tch about it :icon_cool:

after a while, if I see I'm running out of countries (things getting easier), and/or enough ppl ask me to, I can change the topic from countries to something else, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

hope you guys enjoy this :)

oh btw, I'm emptying my ignore list, so everyone can play, if they want to :)
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1. Blue (5)
2. Pet (3)
3. Rhand (1)
4. Richard(1)

anyone who wants a nickname other than what's on the rankings, please let me know, I'll be glad to change it :)
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Country 1: Chile Winner: Blue
[spoil]Clue #1: my official language is one that I share with several other countries.
Clue #2: I am made of more than 7 climatic zones
[spoil]climate classifications include rain forest, monsoon, tropical savanna, humid subtropical, humid continental, oceanic climate, Mediterranean climate, steppe, subarctic climate, tundra, polar ice cap, and desert (wikipedia), our country has 7 of these in it![/spoil]
Clue #3: my length is more than 20 times my width!![/spoil]

Country 2: Jordan Winner: Blue
[spoil]Clue #1: I have a king
Clue #2: My queen is often thought of as not only one of the most powerful women in the world but also the most beautiful! She has a very popular youtube channel, facebook page and twitter account.[/spoil]

Country 3: Luxembourg Winner: Blue
[spoil]Clue #1: I am a landlocked country.
Clue #2: I have 3 official languages. 1 of my own, the other 2 are those of 2 countries bordering me. The 3rd country with which I share borders, also has the latter 2 as official languages.[/spoil]

Country 4: Singapore Winner: Rhand
[spoil]Clue #1: I am an island.
Clue #2: My quality of life index is very high.[/spoil]

Country 5: San Marino Winner: Blue
[spoil]Clue #1: I share borders with only 1 country.
Clue #2: My people are one of the richer countries in the world (high GDP/capita)
Clue #3: I am one of the smaller countries of the world :)[/spoil]

Country 6: Egypt Winner: Pet
[spoil]Clue #1: I am in more than one continent.
Clue #2: My capital is one of the most densely populated cities in the world.
Clue #3: In ancient times, both my men and women wore make-up.[/spoil]

Country 7: Kazakhstan Winner: Pet
[spoil]Clue #1: My flag is made of 2 colors.
Clue #2: People of more than 120 nationalities live on my lands.[/spoil]

Country 8: Mexico Winner: Richard
[spoil]Clue #1: I am one of the largest countries in the world.
Clue #2: While I have no official religion, more than 80% of my population follow 1 religion making me the country with the second-most followers of that religion in the world. (lol, hope that didn't come out as chinese :D)[/spoil]

Country 9: Gabon Winner: Blue
[spoil]Clue #1: I have a very low population density.
Clue #2: While my human development index is not high, it is the highest in my region.
Clue #3: I was named after a river, that was in turn named for its shape, in a language other than my own.[/spoil]

Country: Aland Winner: Pet
[spoil]Clue #1: I am not an independent nation, but an autonomous region within a nation.[/spoil]

Country: Winner:
Clue #1: I have a very low GDP/capita
Clue #2: Less than 15% of my population speak my official language.
Clue #3: A good percentage of my total area is water.
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Uranus .. oh that's not a country:icon_redface:

Bit of a stretch but ...

Israel ... Or some other random Middle eastern country o_O


new clue added!

[spoil]guesses so far:


Canada O canada --- Edit: didn't notice at first you guessed canada myterms. But it must be, so not changing ^^


Canada O canada --- Edit: didn't notice at first you guessed canada myterms. But it must be, so not changing ^^

I would have guessed that to but its climactic zones are only cold, colder, and coldest :icon_razz:


new clue added :)

[spoil]Guesses so far:


and we have a winner!!! congrats to Blue for getting the first point ever!!!! since it hasn't been too long since I put the clue, I will start a new one right away :)


:D is norway your guess for the second country? if not just guess another one, that'd be fine :)


PARTIES!!!!!! What do I get? Coming to my cellar with a nice bottle of wine? ;)