what did they do to this game??

merritt olsen

since the last update i have had nothing but problems with this game.....it used to be that only once in the day i had to relog back in when i would get a "session expired" message...now i get it 8-10x per day now and sometimes 3-4x in an hour...and now i am getting "connection interupted" and can not do anything at all...there is no problem with my internet as i am on my face book and gmail while watching you tube, but i can not access tribal wars now for the 2nd time in 20 minutes :( i have sent 3 support tickets and nothing has been done...funny thing as they are increasing the cost to play the game and yet the quality has gone down :(


I had this problem before around 2 weaks. but now all is OK.
is in your profile all is right? maybe someone just know your pasw.


I am experiencing problems as well. When I'm on the map while playing, and scroll over a village, it doesn't tell me the name of the player, the points of the village, the tribe, or anything. Nothing happens. Though it may possibly be my computer... :)