what do you Legends get upto these days?


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So it has been a few years now and let's face it the world has moved on. I was bored and thought about the old forum and thought I would be nosey and see who still checks in. So if you do don't be shy, say hello and let's us know what you are up to these days?

Personally I am usually on my Xbox one or even the 360 depending on who is around. Most COD games and GTA are my kinda thing. I only lost the 2 for my user name (strangely I didn't need a number, nose one else has used it.)


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Hello! We might not know each other very well but I did play. :D

I like the 360 also. Is there still a decent fan base for the battlefield franchise? I'm looking for cheap xbox 360 deals, or may get the xbox 1 in a few months if I can afford it. :)


I come back about every 3-4 years and check to see who's there. :) I went ahead and made a village on W82 just to see if I can still play, just not going to seriously. Sadly, I found out I have a gaming addiction. :icon_cry: Bad,bad,bad. So I come and go now just checking things out. I keep in touch though with several through Facebook. Berzerker, Lippa, Dreid, Colossus, Mantho, Mikeys, Bishop..I keep an eye on all of them. :) There may be more, but I've somehow mixed up my WoW and TW people and don't remember which I knew from which!
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Back here but with a new username in game now. Really miss playing back in world 2. Started world 83 recently, but not so excting :icon_rolleyes:


I come and go every few years to remind myself why I enjoyed this game so much. Currently on the new world 86, but was it always this slow?!

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Well now this world has been a while :)
I'm currently enjoying Darkfall Unholy wars and maybe the DFo revivals.
Other then that, just work and living my life.


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Hey guys. Just reminiscing :)

I left three quarter of the way through w2 but the made a comeback in w76 and w77 under the username Real Lippa - my 8 year old son made the account to see the game that his dad used to play. Then my gaming addiction kicked in again lol

Currently playing w83 on the .Absinthe account


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darkx here. in and out as always. met a ground of new friends here which is cool. haven't really talked to the old bunch lately. most have exited the building. tw just isn't the same anymore


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Yeah, all gone mate lol

Longest standing from tdub was Gore - but he has gone now too.


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I last played W70, quitting about 2 years ago. Was with a good group, but beginners. They could play the military game, but not the political one.

Now, I just enjoy RL and less arguments with the wife. ;)