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Is world 20 a lame world?

Is World20 a Bloody world?

Is world 20 an easy world?

As the world comes to an end players have a say how the world really is?

Those who quit and got deleted are also entitiled to their opinions...



best world ive played on been bloody for me lol ahh sorry bloody for prime they lost more troop :}
ampac im catching you on awards thanks and you said you were going to send the best you had after me you must be holding them in reserve most ive had is 4500 incoming pity-full for the number one tribe lol


I read somewhere that this world is one of the worst worlds to play on for the all of the .net worlds. Past threads indicate that all the major wars were won by prime because they used the ticket system to ban and weaken opponents then recruited the rest of the tribe.

That's not how you play this game, like this atid99 person. Sorry sir, but after looking at your stat page you have no attacking skill whatsoever. You lose a village and noble a barb, you are nothing but a roadblock and a turtle. As for the original poster, Ampac......you don't have much better stats either so I don't think you should be talking any sort of trash to the enemy when you yourself are not a competitive player in the least. After looking at YOUR stats and reviewing a brief history of this world and its wars I can say you're pretty much the biggest coward i've seen on this game. You change to the enemy tribe when they're winning against your current one and eat the inactive players in the old one. Nice job "staying alive" but that's not the point of the game.

I've never played this world, I did however meet several people (such as amm255, ohmygod as well as twinpeaks/penguinbasher and shadow runner) who did when I was actively playing on another world and they said the same thing. This is a world where the person who can manipulate the ticket system wins.

I hope you all get banned and this world gets shut down, you deserve nothing for cheating the way you have.
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i agree with most of what you have said but as for attacking skill when your under constant attack from the number one tribe all you can do is defend and ive been under attack from prime for probably over a year and im still here
and its not just about attacking its about out lasting the attacker he who runs away lives to fight another day
and as for tickets ive probably had more tickets put in to get me band than anyone but i dont cheat so ive been ok
by the way no one has ever getting this turtle on his back as far as im concerned my odd speaks for its self lol
but i welcome your thoughts and opinions
ps the game is about having fun and im having fun


World was fun till prime started carebearing half the world


i dont play this world anymore as of about a month ago even though my acount is still being played. but i will say i had the most fun on this world. it wasnt bloody or anything. but i had fun and met some sweet people here.


I agree W20 was fun until the hugs started. Few people left in the world have any honour and are cowards who will do nothing and hope the fighting passes them by, oh until the get attacked that is then they are screaming for support to defend against 30 attacks when some of us are fighting here there and everywhere.

Anyways, I will say this before anyone else does so here it is.
Having spent the past three years playing W20 I have decided that my time here has come to an end. Nothing to do with the attacks from Prime as I welcomed the attention I am finally being shown and after still going having received thousands of attacks.
My decision is based on the lack of willing of others to fight.
Too long have good players been left to pick up the pieces and try and motivate others and now after a long weekend away and some deep thoughts I have had enough, no further progress has been made and I will step down.
I have approached Eksiljyden, as he is one of the few people left that I believe has honour, and given him the choice.
I will either - A. Delete my account and leave all the troops where they are.
Or B - Hand my account over to Eksiljyden and let him do with it as he will.

The reason for this is that my account controls the N/E and it can be used to either end the world rather swiftly or give those that need it a kick from the back end of their 'safe' areas and motivate them to fight.

Now I know some of you will be annoyed and upset by this but I am sick and tired of all the moaning about nothing being done from the people that are doing the least.

That's all I have to say about it and I wish everyone the best of luck with their choices.

For my fellow tribe mates there are a few of you that I have stood alongside for many years now and it has been an honour and a pleasure to fight with you. I have those I wish to carry on speaking to on skype or FB, others have different ways of contacting me. For the rest of you it probably means you are the ones that have forced my decision so I hope you all revel in the world you have created.

Take care folks and I hope you all enjoy the end of this world.



Hi all, I use to play W20 it was my first world and I was addicted to it.

The first year was great to play, the second year started to become a hug fest. Meaning when one tribe got the upper edge the losing tribe was forced to disband and the better players were recruited into the winning tribe...namely Prime. Some may say this is good tactics for winning a world but it also a lazy tactic.

I lost interest after jointly creating a tribe and trying to hold it together while players quit the game. One player sent me their account details and as a result this cost me a ban and also had 33% of all villages deleted. After a loss of over 350 villages I started to lose interest.

My account was given away to sit and i returned to try and get back into it again. Unfortunately i started a new job and as a result was unable to spend any time on TW and was unable to login, so after a month the account was deleted.

I would like to say thanks to all those I spoke and played with in TW.

I have joined W56 so look us up on there if anyone has also had enough in here!



said to see u go shak.. but i will keep in contact with you over fb and skype.. i might be joining you soon as well see what happens :p
i myself have not been that active just enough to keep acc running


Logically speaking, even though w 20 was my first world, I would say it is easy.

Why? I tried to succeed in w 47, w 50, w 51, w 52, w 53 and w 54 and growing in skill along the way - but these worlds wouldn't let me.... I even reached to over 1 mil in w 50 to be destroyed again.

Maybe I had a lot of luck in w 20, being rimmed and starting in k 98 might have something to do with it, or maybe I was lucky in my progression from tribe to tribe... but it seems like w 20 was easier than the new worlds.

W 55 and W 56 are going well though :)

It was/is definitely bloody though.


W20 is no different than any other world. There is no doubt that this world was not one of the worst worlds. Rather you can't define any world as the worst world without having played them all and even then it's still mere opinion.

Just like every other world, W20 started out full of competition and good players. As the years progress the quality deteriorates until it's what you see today. Just like every other world.


Yes I suppose you are right. I have only seen the quality of players when the competition is high in the new worlds, and I guess I couldn't cut it against them...
It sort of proves that w 20 has a lower quality of players than the new worlds now, because
1. lack of number of players - it is statistics that there is more talent in 50k players than in 250.
2. As u said quality deteriorates over time as people quit.


will agree there i must admit im not good enough for the new worlds


Well I guess that's it for me on W20, my account went barb and now it will not be long before the end.

I would just like say a big thank you and well done to everyone that I have met and fought with along the way. I have made some great friends and hopefully will get to meet more of you in person in time.

W20 was my second world and it was the most interesting. I will be sure to send you all a link to the completed story once its done.

Congrats to all that see the world through to the end.


this was my first and only real world. i got bored of all others really fast. but then this one became boring. and shak you better send me a link i wanna read the rest of it.


World over man

Its good to see some of my old friends back. I am 1/2 inactive myself these days, its true the competition has gone a bit as can be expected. All thats left is us old tired battle axes or new players that know nothing of the history. Calling atid99 a bad player due to stats! I would fight beside him any day and consider it an honor to fight against him now. I don't care how skilled you are if you go and quit while the world is 1/2 done. I am looking at you hulk/carebears and rest of who!

As one who both fought with and against prime, I must say they are (thankfully) much better than I expected to work for and don't hug/cheat or ticket any more or less than any other tribe. They deserve to win the war due both to perseverance, skill and team work, and sooner would be better, so if you are wavering please delete now :)

The game has changed a lot, more in the new worlds. I may give em a try, at least till my PP runs out, but it wont be the same. Nothing can bring back the KT days of old, nor should it. Now fetch my walker son, grandpa has to go fight again... Och, my back! Help me up.


thanks kip as you know i would stand by your side anytime its always been a pleasure
im not a bad player but im not a skilled player either i dont take the game serious enough im just having fun now
now as for the world ending i intend to make it last as long as i can there will be a lot quitting i think out of boredom but prime keep me from getting bored mind you the incoming from them is a bit pity full 3500-4500 i had more when i was at war with kiltom
ps which half is inactive i might help you out by taking some of your villages :}


I thought the world might of been more interesting if Who? and Hulk merged after Who? lost its war against Prime and KilTom F. If only Hulk didn't disband either :(