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I played this game many years ago and really loved it! Because of many different factors I had to give it up.

I do now have the time and energy to play again, and I intend to do so. But I have one concern that I hope you could help me with. The concern is money. I understand and respect that the owners have to be paid, and I will gladly pay to play this beautiful game. To some extent of course.

My question is the following: How much money would you estimate that you have to pay each month in order to be able to win the game?

I understand that there is nuances tied to amount of time put in, settings and skills, but I hope an estimate is possible. My question relates to the “Normal” worlds.

Thanks in advance


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I have won about 7-8 worlds (Lost count) i have paid over the last 7 years ~5 dollars.

So, what does it take? Time and comittment. Not money. (You can farm pp on new worlds to have all the features active that you want)

And get lucky, get in the right tribe ;)


I only won one world on the Masters server that was online long ago, but what it takes is farming hella lot + a premade. Can't stress the premade part enough.
+ ofc, as Seven said, pp farming on every world before your actual one.

If you don't want to pp farm, I'd say around 100 bucks to start off + 20 bucks each month


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There are different tiers or type of players. If you are on the front you will need more pp then usual. If you are a backline player then the basic features are enough. Which is 400 pp and you can buy 8000 pp for 75pounds which means it costs 3.25pounds monthly. But as mentioned above you can easily farm enough pp for the basics. For example i farmed 4k pp in 2 days on w111. If you want tó go for a strong start then you will need more pp.