What the....???


Did someone just puke all over the forum??
It's a shit awful layout and it seems reasonably clunky.

I know, I know.. they updated it yesterday, I'm just stating that it looks like shit.

In the immortal words of BGeorge3... thoughts?


Okay, my first thoughts were that the new forum is crap. After surfing it for a few minutes, I'm now certain that it is crap.

May I ask if anyone bothered to see what impact it would have on the world maps?? Am I able to trade in my premium so I can buy some binoculars????

With this said, I've found the forum settings and converted it to a regular forum to remove the stupid skin that TW placed on it. This widens the whole layout of the forum and the maps are kinda readable now.

For those that want to change the layout, the settings are in http://forum.tribalwars.net/profile.php?do=editoptions
Once in that section, change the forum skin to 'vB4 Default Style' and its bearable.

Excellent update guys... this will DEFINITELY increase the player base... :icon_rolleyes:


It actually pisses me off, I can barely see anything and it';s hard to see new posts


Seeing new posts is annoying, I agree. The icons aren't my favorite. The colors and whole look of it all will take a bit getting used to.

However, it isn't all bad. The User CP is much improved, among other redeeming qualities.


Well sorry TW staff this is very bad you can't see maps you can't see writing on maps

This forum looks like the one i was on 8 years ago

And that forum i'm talking about was a free cheap forum we created for hockey simulators

This will now be officially my last world ever

The game as degrated too much TW staff don't seem to care about the members playing


TW staff don't seem to care about the members playing

Well ain't that the truth!

But anyway, on topic, the new forums suck donkey..... to be blatantly honest. Who are we trying to appeal to? The 12 year old kids who are going to like the pretty pictures you've added? Tish tosh, this wont make you any more money at all silly people. Its not the 12 year old kids who pay your premium now is it. It's us with the jobs and $$$ to do so, and as one of these, I'll tell you, I'm just not impressed. You could have at least made the upgrade and option. People like what they are used - with improvements, not pretty crappy pictures. Consider asking your populous what they'd like perhaps? Coming up with a few beta designs for new skins? At leastb give us options, god knows it wont keep everyone happy, but the majority at least.

People also like having the ability to use the whole width of their monitors. I didn't pay the extra cash for a bigger screen for you to decide that i needed 6 inches of it filled with an old house and some turrets.

But as ever, you won't learn. Your member base will continue to decline, and slowly, TW will die a painful, muted death.

Consider putting the effort into what really matters.....
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Hopefully whoever rubber stamped the new design has been sent to the Naughty corner to think about what they've done. God Awful.


doubtful, everyone hated it on .co.uk when they updated and lost alot of posters, that was months ago. so they ignored all the bad points and updated it here with a much larger userbase and it'll have the same result here.

as said before, the mods dont care, so why would innogames staff care? they still get paid no matter the outcome or the opinions of the customers, the question is, how long will that last.
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