What W54 will do on W55

Meh? Nub really

As no one who is well known ever answers this i thought of bringing it to W54 and getting an answer for it :)

What are the first things you lot build in a new world ?


Res Buildings ^_^
hard to start up with 5 res an hour haha


Statue would be the one most build first, the logic is sound

This Wolf Bites

worlds without paladin:
Build Clay 1
Build Wood 1
Build Iron 1

Build Clay 2
Build Wood 2
Build Clay 3
Build Wood 3
Build Iron 2
Build Clay 4
Build Clay 5
Build Wood 4
Build Wood 5
Build Wood 6
Build Wood 7
Build HQ 2
Build HQ 3
Build Barracks 1
Maintain 15 spears
Farming Time
Maintain 35 Spears
Build Wood 8
Build Warehouse 2
Build market 1 - store 1k iron once you have 1200 by setting up a high ratio trade
Build Wood 9
Build Warehouse 3
Build Wood 10
Build Clay 6
Build market 2 - keep on the look out for lopsided trades
Build Clay 7
Build Iron 3
Build HQ 4
Build HQ 5
Build Smithy 1
Build Smithy 2
Research Axe
Maintain 45 spears, 9 axe - send them out in groups of 15 sp and 3 axe
Build Iron 4
Build Iron 5
Build Market 3 - make sure you are still searching for beneficial trades.
Build Iron 6
Build Iron 7
Build Farm 2
Build Farm 3
Build Warehouse 3
Build Farm 4
Build Warehouse 4
Build Barracks 2
Build Barracks 3
Build Barracks 4
Build Barracks 5
Build HQ 6
Build HQ 7
Build Farm 5
Build Warehouse 5
Build Smithy 3
Build HQ 8
Build HQ 9
Build HQ 10
Build Smithy 4
Build Farm 6
Build Warehouse 6
Build Smithy 5
Build Stable 1
Recruit 5 scouts
Build Stable 2
Build Stable 3
Research LC
Build Wall 1
Start to Build LC
Farm Like Crazy (Get to about 50 LC before continuing on buildings)[/spoil]

come on guys.. one of you must think the above guide looks familiar.
click here if you seriously dont know the god that came up with that.
[spoil]purple pred.. -.-[/spoil]


If you like the look of your area and depending on how long BP is getting your pits up to level 1 and the statue-->Paladin is a good idea then rushing a rax.

Its usually the player not the guide you follow.. lots of combinations will work you just gotta adapt and work with what you're given both in barbs and neighbours.


I usally use pp guide, but not to the letter, obviously you have to change it depending on the players around you and barbs. but with the introduction of the tutorial giving 5 spears I start farming a lot faster.