whatever happened to mecool?

Discussion in 'W27 General discussion:' started by pallysrange, Apr 28, 2009.

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  1. pallysrange

    pallysrange Guest


    our perfect track record! all wasted! :icon_cry:
  2. Oops :icon_redface: I dont know why I was thinking he had a beard... Hmmm... :icon_confused: I also meant avvy not siggy .. I got confused :(

    Ah well, your avvy has fluffy hair then! Just go along with it ;)
  3. rockerdish

    rockerdish Contributing Poster

    Feb 8, 2009
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    lol! whateva...
  4. mit531

    mit531 Guest

    i know ive just bought this tread to life and i shouldnt of but has any1 seen mecool recently cause hes doin quite well now. look him up on high scores
  5. stampcoin

    stampcoin Guest

    Yes he is.
    Now Die topic!!
  6. XsaphiraX

    XsaphiraX Guest

    Am I still alive?:icon_confused:
  7. I wonder if I am still alive :eek: