What's the state of the world?

Discussion in 'World 53' started by Stitch the Wound, May 22, 2011.

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  1. shango pop

    shango pop Guest

    on topic, i think the world is doomed to a life of drama, cant see uruz putting up much fight tbh
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  2. mynameissi

    mynameissi Guest

    So much drama! :)
  3. So the world pretty much hangs in the balance of Drama! then? :L

    And c'mno nubs, invite me! I got nobled whilst offline :( If I was online, I could have sniped the noble train! 3 seconds between each noble!!!
  4. cribbit

    cribbit New Member

    Oct 19, 2011
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    Can anyone give an update on what the world is like? Is it pretty much everyone vs drama, or are there any internal fights among the small tribes still?
  5. Lord Teradin

    Lord Teradin Guest

    It would be good to see all the tribes working together against us (DRAMA!) but at the moment it seems most the world has died lol. The only players showing any resistance is (as per usual) Alf Hucker and his minions

    Btw Alf that wasn't a dig lol. Just saying you always seem to have the fighting spirit