When the awards(top continent, top world..) start?


Continent scorer Achieved when you reach top rankings in your continent.
Levels: Top 100 players; Top 30 players; Top 5 players; Rank 1.
Top scorer Achieved when you reach top rankings in the world.
Levels: Top 1,000 players; Top 100 players; Top 20 players; Rank

Continent scorer, world scorer awards.

Frozen Flaim

They appear at the same time as the "great power of the day" daily award i beleive, whenever that is.


How to define a top world?

In the early worlds when TW was new players had thousands of villages and so many players.

Now its less

So tricky to try to define what is great about a specific world

I liked world 13, but there I was massive and my tribe won the workd, so that makes me biased

So this thread on best world is a hard one to answer


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Did you actually...read the thread?

I'm guessing not. He was referring to an award that is given to people for their rank in their continent, or rank on the world.


Are you referring to the world MAP? That's where all the top players, Top tribes , Dominance etc shown.. ClICK HERE