When the world is won....

Discussion in 'World 33' started by myterms1, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. myterms1

    myterms1 Guest

    How will you celebrate when the world is won?

    This is purely for fun as obviously we have a long way to go. I'm not interested in any trash talk, just simple answers.

    e.g. 'I intend to make a time when we can all be online for a glass of champers'

    or 'I intend to sit under a tree and quietly cry with relief that I can now rediscover RL'

    or even 'I will start a new world'
  2. Quit hopefully... :icon_redface:

    but I'll probably join another world
  3. hrgos

    hrgos Guest

    go brag about it to my friends, and then realize how sad I sound and shut up, hoping that the whole thing goes unnoticed :icon_cry:

    on a sidenote: I actually mentioned tw to a cpl of my friends when I was a bit the drunk the other day, thankfully they were a bit drunk too, so I didn't get too much crap about it :icon_redface:

    on another sidenote, nice idea for a thread blue :)
  4. sex ... blue your invited ;)
  5. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

    Invite plenty of players defeated , in my tribe etc.

    To make a new tribe together.
  6. RhandAltor

    RhandAltor Guest

    I'll try to gather 20-40 people and join a new world where you can choose part of the world(N-NW-E-...). 40 people join from the start pick a direction, join nub mass recruitment tribes, destroy them from within, after a few months when it's safer get together in 1 tribe. Wouldn't go in the same tribe from the start, would destroy the others by disbanding etc first ^^
  7. richard 2610

    richard 2610 Guest

  8. 2Hot

    2Hot Guest

    I'll finally stop visiting this forum :)
  9. Drunk in the morning

    Drunk in the morning Contributing Poster

    Oct 29, 2009
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    probably join another world :| sigh
  10. baseball2009star

    baseball2009star Well-Known Member

    Dec 13, 2009
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    Hit the Delete button and get back to real life... Maybe go for a nice long walk and a victory cigar.
  11. bhgaming

    bhgaming Active Member

    Nov 5, 2009
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    probably find some other stupid game to waste my time with o_O
  12. Acid Burn247

    Acid Burn247 Guest

    Install Starcraft 2 .....
  13. WOW will ruin your life as well :lol:
  14. LordHawkIX

    LordHawkIX Guest

    Off the top of my head, a kegger at the beach near my house sounds like fun, all W33 is invited!
  15. myterms1

    myterms1 Guest

    Are you paying the air fares?
  16. Acid Burn247

    Acid Burn247 Guest

    Bet you can`t wait to give Hrgos a few Tequila`s.....
  17. hrgos

    hrgos Guest

    oh? I'm liked so much on these forums, it's heartwarming :icon_redface:
  18. myterms1

    myterms1 Guest

    Hey! I'm the one who'll be giving hrgos the tequila's. ;)
  19. Acid Burn247

    Acid Burn247 Guest

    I`ll have my Snapps out for Pzaz ....
  20. hrgos

    hrgos Guest

    indeed! I am a very loyal customer of blue's, I was assuming the drinks are gonna be imported from a certain bar in Australia? :icon_cool: