When will PnP arrive?


I see what they are doing as completely 'fair play'.
You may very well be right - I think the point is that either they are all refugees or none of them are refugees. If the scientists are advocating that KDK are refugees therefore warranting their attacks then how can they on the same hand state that WWA were not. Its not a question of the definition of refugee. Its a question of character. One cannot move definitions around to suit ones own argument. The attacks on KDK are justified becasue they are refugees according to the scientists but WWA recruiting in our territory was legitimate? When we did not make a big deal of the WWA recruiting we believed we were dealing with an honourable leader. Lesson learnt there!


Honour schmonour.
These are two completely separate events, as far as I can see.
You let the WWA members go, they're not letting the KDK members go.
I don't see that you have any reason to complain, to be honest.

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No matter what shine is put on it, KDK players are refugees.
If Hawks want to recruit them, why shouldnt they?
Recruiting refugees wil always come with problems and arguments, but at the end of the day, if E=mc2 want to stop Hawks recruiting them, recruit them yourself, or kill them.... Those are the only realistic options.


The outside point of view is appreciated. Of course you can only see the present as important not the past. Were it the other way around I am sure you would be making your point as well(just as I am doing). I know I am in the right and the square's lack of response only makes that more apparent.


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Refugees are people who take refuge in order to save their assess... I would personally, slightly believe that the KDK members who went into HAWKS are refugeeing (if theres such word)

but tribes such as M.A.N, is just manly, and aren't relying on/joining other tribes in order to live :p :icon_cool:


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AWPER you could label yourself as a refugee then. You left Who? and started M.A.N in order to save your ass and have the attacks on you stop. But I guarantee they don't.