Where can I trading coins?


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Where can I trading coins?

Barricade Battle

Step 2: Join Forces
You might get additional units by finishing a building, recruiting units, attacking, defending, trading or minting coins on a daily basis. Each unit has its own strength and weaknesses against specific units - use them wisely

I want Platinium coins for gold coins

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By trading they mean the action of trading ingame resources. Basically every TW activity gives you a chance to get additional troops. And If I can give you a little tip, recruiting troops works best. ;)

It's written like that because they're summing up certain activities, such as attacking, defending, minting coins, trading, ...

So just keep clearing the camps for platinum tokens which you can use in the shop through the green 'visit' button on your event page. If your units die you simply wait until they get healed back up or you use premium to restore their health.

Hope this helps;