Where did all go wrong?


A happy new year to those still playing world 16! The BANG!/C2 merger I predicted last month hasn't happened yet, but all tribes look to still be shedding members slowly.

I see that some of C2 have joined w45 as the tribe CATS (excellent name!) I wonder what effect that will have on the tribe here in w16. A lot of CND joined w36 way back, which resulted in CND folding up shop a couple of months later when members realized that playing a newer world was more fun than their long drawn out border war was on w16 (a gross over simplification, and by no means the only reason for the C2/CND merge, but part of the puzzle non the less). Will C2's war efforts here suffer when their w45 accounts start to grow?

w46 has been mentioned in this thread. The tribes are hilarious. I'm joining the largest mass recruit tribes, jumping to the next biggest as they each fail. Currently in an 1300 member tribe.

Axl, good to see you're still out and about :)

You raise an interesting point about W45, and in theory there is a risk that some of us may get too involved over there if we become successful (1st ranked tribe now, so it's certainly possible!). However, I think C²-CND and C²-LSHRV are very different types of conflicts..

C²-CND was fought over a relatively small border, and turned into a stalemate. This meant that both tribes had to work extremely hard, but rarely had something to show for it at the end of the day. Easy to become frustrated in that situation, and seek your entertainment elsewhere.

The C²-LSHRV war is fought over a huge border (5 Ks), and is everything but a stalemate. For example, C² is up 11-0 today, and I can't remember a day during C²-CND when either tribe had numbers like that. We know that if we work hard, we should get the numbers to prove it. Given that situation, the war is a source of entertainment, not frustration.

There are various other factors that help as well (e.g. CATS is not a pure C²/W16 premade like XVI was, W16 has progressed further which makes it less likely that we'll turn our backs on it, etc), but I believe the factor mentioned above is the big one: with W16 as entertaining as it is, we don't need to go elsewhere to be entertained :)