where do you get this kind of image?


mr ocd mod man, please fix my name in the description thread

actually please enhance it
here, I request this..


yeah i kinda felt the same way

the guy on the page before us made me feel uneasy about contributing to this thread

This thread is like an epiphany, it's simply the epitome of internet infamy, condensed from its infancy to virtually guarantee a skeleton key to take me back to 2003 and leave me be to wonder and see where this thread has blissfully taken the ability of accolades of accomplices to cleverly hold alive a woven activity of simplicity. Really, I love the information spree this destiny has put upon itself to deliver me to clarity. I disencouragingly praise the inconscistency, it makes me feel like an escapee from this toxicity of the web, and it brings me back to a time of humor and fun. A time of joy.

When will this thread end? I hope the answer always lays out of reach. I hope the answer is never. A relic from the past, it stumbles into my sense of sonder, awakening me and my life into noticing things I normally wouldn't. There are people who have years logged into this thread, and I love that. This thread is a diary, a referendum, a compilation, of utter shit. And that makes in the best thing I've happened to stumble upon in a decade. Thank you.

Thank you
beautiful post though