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Side 1:
Players: Crocky The Spy
Side 2:
Players: Hot Eagle

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1
Side 2: 0
Difference: 1

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 772
Side 2: 0
Difference: 772



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Thats the thing , when you hear something that is true , you start insulting .

You used hugs nukes against us so you can take our villages right ? but again

you still dont get it right ? Instead it would be better that you helped hugs when 100 attacked ,but no you left them, and contacted us, your worst enemy
Myb if you showed that you are worthy and tried to help your allies , myb we would accept your offer , who knows .
Stipe already answered on every question that you have .

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You are one seriously interesting bloke and I still can't work you out.

I do know however that the difference between me and you Stefan is I would never post screenshots from a diplomatic chat, to promote my own diplomatic agenda. I came to you with a proposition and the discussion was entirely hypothetical. Twist my words however you want, but yes my conscience is definitely clear because I said nothing out of turn. I'm a diplomat. It's my job to see what's on the table. You declined because you didn't want to work with us. That's fine, but it's nothing more so don't play the 'big man' on the externals and bad-mouth me or my coplayers, when you're so prepared to say anything behind closed doors. Since we're playing such games:

So, fake screenshots? Fake chat? I invite all the players to message me and I'll be happy to add them to the "fake" chat we got added in out of the blue to see what was it all about and how fake it is really. Especially Beast and 100, since you tql guys get a boner whenever you mention either one of them.
We get a hardon? Who sent scout reports on my villages over to 100 because he got all but rimmed in 6 hours, and then bragged about it? "Our shitty coalition can't beat End so I'll ask you to do it for us". I have my reasons for being intimidated by 100, its true (yes, despite the fact Stefan thinks we're joining 100 anytime now). We're already at war with BEAST and the coalition, still kicking though aren't we?

Y'all will comment about our arrogance on the externals, but we're proving ourselves day in day out. I'll shout about it because its fun and this team here is worth two coalitions.

All I can say Stefan is you were right and I agree with you. I'm glad you declined my proposition. I can't think of anything more tedious and boring than working with the guys in BM. For the nice bloke you are behind closed doors, publicly it's just a constant drivel of sh*t and unfortunately people have bought into that. In short, I'd choose crocky and kurtis over Maximus and Stefan any day of the week. Its a shame the former ID and AKA members are being overshadowed by your pathetic standards, for there's some good people over there.

Good warring, I guess.
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He’s on PAYG, Cold Eagle or whatever his next name is. Guess when you get nobled and catted you gotta use that PP on something seeing he cant boost wall or buy res as he’s probaly used to.
Wrong and Wrong

Left Payg account months ago try again

Never played a P2W world either oops


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Yeah well, if you spit in people's faces don't expect a nice reaction.

What on Earth is that message doing here? Lets post the extended version for the sake of context, since you seem unable to gather the fact that everything I said in that chat was thoroughly thought through because I knew screenshots would be used for your propaganda, which I refuse to level myself with.

What exactly are you trying to achieve here? End is intimidated by both BEAST and 100? True, I've admitted so on countless occasions. That message was simply (an accurate) observation on the situation in K44 and I've no idea why you've posted it here.
Eagle you cant run away of the frontline all the time.
except of the skill of lying you didnt show us anything else.
Until you stop internalling accs, until you come at the frontline you are nothing than a noob who is afraid of the Tiger.


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Well that's only a taste of my diplomatic skillz

Pretty sure i said more than that. I would feel ashamed if these were the only things I told them


At the start of the world, I remember talking to one of my mentors about H0lly choosing to play with the icky RIOT guys. I asked, "I thought H0lly was a man of principle?" My mentor laughed at me and responded, "The only principle guys like him have is winning." And wouldn't you know it, as soon as h0lly saw RIOT as a non-winning situation, well... we all know the rest.
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